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CK Be by Calvin Klein Fragrance\Cologne Review (1996)

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  1. I just received this perfume today and it seems like theres no reference number on the bottle but there's one on the box. It kinda makes me question the authenticity. Is it supposed to be like that? Perhaps someone could help. Thanks 

  2. hi brad can u gift me a few samples

  3. I still have half a bottle of CK one that I bought back in the 80's

  4. I got the 100 ml for $16 dollars on sale on ebay

  5. It's smells very relaxing. I've always enjoyed cK be

  6. i think i heard you saying it wont last long like 20 times. I bet you didnt think about how you were going to say before making this video haha but overall, was a relaxing video and a great one too. Just asking do you think this will go well with Asians? 

  7. How many sprays of this stuff are you using?

  8. This has been one of my more favorite frags for along time. Brings back alot of memories when wearing and get alot of compliments everytime i wear it

  9. check "escape by CK" cool stuff in my opinion not the greatest but stands his own ground.

  10. calvin klein is too unisex for my tastes

  11. @123viperdude I never put perfume on my clothes. I usually put perfume on my chest, neck and wrists

    It might last longer than I think, I mean the perfume is very weak so…

  12. @st0nnec0ld WHAT! it lasts me about 7 hours at least. you might just wanna put some on your wrist and neck, NOT EVER YOUR CLOTH!

  13. Picked this one up (200ml) for 24.95 at ross, couldn't pass it up. Its very light, musk is nice. Ill have it forever… Huge bottle.

  14. This doesn't last long enough. The smell goes away before one hour >:(

  15. @iiMuayThai It screws off so you can use it as an aftershave.

  16. @kdrmradio CK Be is the sequel to CK One, and it has been around since at least 1995, it smells much better to me.

  17. wats the song in the beginning man

  18. great review!

  19. i know this is unisex, but how would you feel about this on a woman?

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