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Christmas Haul!

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  1. hothothothothothothothothot

  2. @pinkfeet518 No she doesn't. I've met Ashley Tisdale and they look nothing alike

  3. you look just like Ashley tisdale

  4. im the same way with the face mask

  5. the eye makeup remover from mary kay is so good ! the best one i ever used !

  6. It's called a jelly watch. And my favorite thing I got for Christmas was a pictureprinter/copier/scanner!!!

  7. @livelaughsmileex LOL! Yes, the free robe was a perk. But at least you got the perfume! It's fabulous and you'll definitely enjoy it!! :)

  8. @juicycouture4evamine Yes it is, I looooove it! Been using it for years!! :)

  9. omg that mary kay makeup remover is amazing my sister works there 2!

  10. @PinkHoneyBeee Thank you! Yes, he was very good!! :)

  11. Great video love! Santa was good to you! :)

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