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Christina Aguilera’s Woman Perfume Review

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  1. Looooove this review. Thank you so much.

  2. Omg amazing!!! Finally the review is here now, i got this perfume in february and i didn't like it that much but when i started using it i was like omg it smells like heaven!! I adore it ! 

  3. Great review, Buffy!! 

    My faves in order are: 
    1. By Night
    2. Secret Potion
    3. Woman
    4. Unforgettable
    5. Christina Aguilera
    6. Red Sin
    7. Royal Desire
    8. Inspire (I did not care for this TBH)

    BTW, you look amazing as always!! And your new set up is super cute xx

  4. I'm Bacccckkkk! A review of Christina Aguilera's new perfume Woman

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