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Christina Aguilera Perfume Promotion (unedited)

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RED SIN Christina Aguilera for Women 50ml 1.7 Oz Eau De Perfume Brand New

  • RED SIN Christina Aguilera for Women 50ml 1.7 Oz Eau De Perfume Brand New
CHRISTINA AGUILERA RED SIN by Christina Aguilera for WOMEN EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.7 OZ Launched by the design house of Christina Aguilera in 2012

Price: $ 22.00


  1. OMG!!!! i would faint if she done that in portugal :O *-* LOOOOVE her

  2. I want one!

  3. Ok, please work with Mrs. Aguilera in the promotion of her NEW ALBUM this Year! [2]

    Christina, please, do it in the promotion of your album oks? [sorry for my english]

  4. Amazing campaign really

    I want this campaign too in Portugal xD

    Christina is everywhere

    Xtina Rocks

  5. Sometimes is all you need to wear!!!!!

  6. wow/!!!!!!!so didi it work?? everybody bouth it, it was a sold out thing???? i really hope so!!!!!!!!! this campaign is great, she should do it all over the world!!!!!!but those hangers must be friendly with evniroment xtina!!!! it was a great idea!!!!!!!! israel smells better than ever!!! it smells like a queen mixed with a sexy dirrty girl!!!!!!

  7. yay!! queen Christina is everywhere

  8. yeah i defenelly share the same opinion of chuanxiaqiudong, i really think RCA should do a similar campaign with christina's album specially with her next album, consedaring her profesionalism and wonderful voice.This video really shows how big is christina's launching campaign in Israel i wish it could be like that everywhere.

  9. Wow! amazing!
    It's a great news to know how christina aguilera is reiventing herself with everythings she does, so we must congratulate her how successful is her perfume launching campaign in Israel! =]

  10. Read that description everybody!
    that's how RCA should go for Christina's album!
    RCA does suck!

  11. it's brilliant
    so incredible!

  12. WoW i'm really impressed! fantastic work congratulations!

    I can't agree more… "work whit christina in the promotion for her new album" lol

  13. amazinggg work this is so freaking incredible

    work whit christina in the promotion for her new album please xD

  14. i love you guys for doing this :)

  15. Amazing Work!
    Christina Rocks!

  16. what a great production

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