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Christian Dior – Sauvage | Fragrance Review

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  1. great botle…dissapoint fragrance…..blue d chanel great fragrance.!! dior homme masterpiece!! this.. sauvage worst fragrance for my opinions 2015. thank you! petros from greece!!

  2. Amazing scent! Compliments everywhere. Everybody hating on this, but it's great. Great review man

  3. I think it's very under rated…for someone new to the fragrance world this could be a signature scent for it's versatility…I think it smells great and so does everyone around me when I'm wearing it, I've gotten so many compliments the first day I used this fragrance and that's all I need to keep it in my collection, I'm sure with time bad opinions will start to change towards this fragrance…great vid

  4. I bought this fragrance yesterday along with l'homme intense at Macy's. My opinion is you really can't test or review a fragrance unless you have the bottle. This allows someone to allow the fragrance to develop. That's why I don't get caught up in samples. I think people who bash this fragrance smelled it on a piece of strip paper or took a free sample and based an opinion out of it. One reviewer even bashed the sprayer for Dior Sauvage claiming it was to misty. What? The sprayer is awesome! I agree with you this cologne is getting slammed too much. Its almost mid October and still 100degrees in so Cal so I look forward to wearing this when the weather cools down. Thank you for the review.

  5. Love the smell, and it lasts on me for mor than 16 hours, I just love it

  6. Man I totally agreed at your opinion you are the first reviewer I saw with my opinion about this frag great review

  7. Good review….I like how you sum things up in the video description…..subscribed

  8. I haven't smelled this one yet but I have to say there is nothing wrong with Dior making something that may be a commercial success. They are in business to make money. This is a well established House and their rep speaks for itself. Guys it is really not that serious…. there are synthetic components in every frag even niche.

  9. This is your best review yet…i have this juice, and its a keeper, great review.

  10. I hate to burst your bubble, Adrian, but I'm not such a fan of Dior Sauvage. To my nose, the smell was a little synthietic and too simple for me. As a fan of Dior's fragrances like Dior Homme Intense and Fahrenheit Aqua, I expect fragrances from them to be masterpieces. Sauvage, in my opinion, is just a mass market money grabber by Dior.

  11. Best review of this fragrance along with coachrob. This stuff smells great to me and women LOVE IT.. SCORE ! These fragrance snobs are expecting something incense based with fecal matter, as if anyone besides those idiots in the "fragcomm" likes those types of scents.

  12. Great review man!

  13. Great review man!

  14. I agree…Sauvage is a very nice fragrance that is liked or loved by just every non-snob who smells it. It is certainly not a masterpiece and I can understand how some find it to be boring and baloney-cologney, but it doesn't deserve the ire from the small percentage of small minded people from within the fragrance community who think too highly of themselves and their opinion. Much like with Bleu de Chanel, you cannot go wrong giving or receiving this one as a gift. Sauvage is a solid like from me. Anyway, I don't mind of people don't like this fragrances (to each his own) but the reactions to this fragrances are that it is skunk-water blended in hell by Satan himself. I doubt one-half of them even smelled it. LOL!

  15. The Canuck Shaver

    I enjoy this scent. I own BdC and don't think I would own full bottles of both because I don't have the cash to buy scents that do the same job. if I didn't own BdC it would be a coin toss to pick one or the other

  16. My scent of the day today!! Had this for a solid week already and first day was receiving compliments. This week alone I got more compliments more than Bleu De Chanel. For smell I like Bleu better but this gets noticed with little effort. I do 5 sprays. One on each inner arm, two to the back of the neck and one to the chest. I live in Alaska and live in a cold dry climate. At the moment it's raining but few more weeks should be dipping into the 30's.

  17. It's a fluff fragrance. It's a fragrance that smells like it could have been made by Hugo Boss, but comes in a pretty Dior bottle. Love Dior, but this is the worst fragrance Dior has ever released. Not because its boring, but because it smells like a chemical mess.

  18. AGentlemansJourney

    I do enjoy this one quite a bit and watch the love for it in the community turn around in 6-12 months. Enjoyed the video, Adrian.

  19. I'm gonna try this fragrance, but FAHRENHEIT is STIIL king of all Dior brands

  20. As a fan of not only Dior, but artsy fragrances in general i always look forward to a new release from this house. If i just wanted to smell good i could literally take any fragrance off a department store counter and it would do the job, as all fragrances are made to have people smelling good. I imagine if Sauvage was released by any other house it would be universally shit on
    To me this is an ozonic 1 accord ocean water mist with a sprinkle of pepper thrown in, with a resemblance to both Bleu and Aventus, and i agree very linear. i found Dior Homme Cologne to have more substance than Sauvage
    Enjoyed your review as always.

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