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Christian Dior “Pure Poison” Review

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  1. A great review! Thank you!

  2. long long lasting perfume but it suits for age of 40s and above

  3. So cool how you showed the colour details with your ipad.

  4. i really enjoyed this review thank you,i always said that pure poison will be hopefully my wedding scent :) Thankfully noa de cacharel last a long time on my skin :) Myra from France

  5. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    That;s so strange you say that about the curtains, because before I did my review I was considering saying that it reminded me of white curtains blowing in the wind and the person standing next to them would be wearing white linen trousers…it gives me that kind of airy feel. Sometimes scent can evoke strange images in our heads right? Thanks for your comment. :)

  6. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Thanks! Yes I think that the Tendre Poison is more close to the original which isn;t really my style. I have an unused sample of it actually, I may wear the Tendre one today.. Glad you enjoyed the review. :)

  7. Great Review! The scent is great but the bottle ♥ it is magnificent, a precious pearl.
    Still prefer the one with white cap (I'm gonna hunt that bottle one day).
    I have a 50ml bottle of Tendre Poison Unfortunately it doesn't work with my chemistry.

  8. Another great review!
    I'd like to get this one. I agree about it being a nice bridal scent; when I think of this scent as fabric, I think of tulle and white, gauzy curtains. :)
    I'm glad you got that lovely gift.
    Take care,

  9. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Thank you so much!! Yes I'll be doing Midnight next. Just need to get rid of this stupid cold that's decended. I may do it tomorrow. :) Thanks for your comment. Im' glad you enjoyed it.

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