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Christian Dior “Midnight Poison” Perfume Review

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  1. I like your reviews! Will watch on one's own time:)

  2. Iliana Panagiotopoulou

    A precious gem from the "Poison" line…A really helpful and accurate review :)

  3. I loved Midnight Poison so much. Now that it's gone forever… what frangrance could I try that would be close to this one? Thank for any advice or recommendation.

  4. Perfect timing to do your review. Midnight Poison, which is your 31st fragrance review, on the 31st of December. It is close to midnight where you were, and the word "midnight" is in the fragrance name. How coincidental is that.

  5. Lovely review. Gotta go buy it. Very nice and polite guy. Keep reviewing. Ciao

  6. This is amazing,  I've used this and now the only chance i have to buy this is to buy replicas :( so sad. I loved this perfume to death i really hope that i will find a bunch of these as replica because i tried many others perfumes that several people said that are similar but they are not. Great review

  7. I smelled Midnight Poison on my friend and it smelled divine. Unfortunately it's been discontinued :(

  8. Isn't this a fragrance "for her"? Is it unisex enough to be worn by men?

  9. I haven't spelt Poison in years, not since the 80s.  But if you go into your local super market and look in the cleaning products isle.  Pick up Oust Clean Scent.  The one with the light blue top.  I swear that smells like Poison.

  10. Hey, you're pretty fun to watch. =) Thanks for the perfume reviews. Just to let you know though, the listed notes don't signify what really goes into the perfume. Perfumers work with thousands of aromachemicals (synthetic, natural, all sorts–very chemistry/science stuff) and who knows just how many end up in the final juice. The final listing is there more for marketing purposes and to give an idea of what the product smells like. 

  11. Omg!!! An edp version of hypnotic poison?! This is the best news I've heard my wish came true thank you Dior!

  12. Loved Ur review! I love all the Poisons too (and im male)! In winter i wear the original poison and midnight poison and during the summer pure poison :) but my real signature scent is midnight poison! Loved how u describe it – just amazing! :) But from 2014 on its discontinued! I can't buy it anymore in stores here in Switzerland! So to everybody that loved this scent – go and grab the last bottles now! ,,-(

  13. is this your favorite smell among the poisons? I cant decide which one i want to buy between Midnight and Hypnotic…. Pure Poison smells chemically to my husband,

  14. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Tha'ts a shame. :( Have you tried luxuryperfume . com? They ship worldwide also. It's a shame you cannot access perfumes easily. If only the shipping laws here were different, I would send you some. grrr!!!

  15. tyvm for your kind help! Perfumed court won't ship it to Brazil, and fragrancex is charging too much. Guess i'll wait and see what to do! Sticking with tom ford's noir de noir meantime. haha. Thank you again! really appreciate it

  16. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Thank you!!. Unfortunately the shipping laws changed in England this year and we are no longer allowed to send perfume out of the country by post AT ALL. :( I would be more than happy to send you a decant for free, I have done that many times for my subscribers etc but, I'm no longer allowed to so I'm really sorry. They are stopping everything at customs. Have you tried fragrancex . com? or you can buy samples at "the perfumed court" They may ship to Brazil. :) Good luck!

  17. great video as always!! i live in Brazil and can't seem to find any store who has this perfume willing to ship to brazil. Would you happen to know anywhere? Or would you be willing to sell a decant or something? Best regards!!

  18. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Oooh I have to try this Davidoff fragrance now. I must admit, he is one designer I usually walk past in the store. But I'll try this one out. :) Thank you!

  19. I absolutely adore this fragrance… I think this is sex in a bottle. Quite a more feminine version of Zino Davidoff, which I think is the best, most sexy fragrance for men….

  20. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Coool! It's a good one. :) Enjoy!

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