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Christian Dior “J’Adore EDP” Fragrance Review

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  1. what¡??????

  2. ok, I'm in the minority on this one…lol  I worked for Dior in the 90's when this came out and we were supposed to wear it. I couldn't stand it on me for some reason. It gave me a bit of a headache and, dare I say, nausea…hehe  A few years ago a friend gave it to me as gift and I felt so bad because I still couldn't stand it. I love florals, but this one just doesn't like me. Plus, it gives me a skin reaction. Such a shame, I really wanted to like it. Oh well, can't win them all. lol

  3. ylang ylang and champaca are dominant note for this juice, that what i get. almost no slouch and its stay a day on my skin. i agree that it reformulation, i don't know how many time it reformulated. thanks for the make a review for this.

  4. My husband got this for me on my birthday in August of 2000 and I LOVED it!! Two weeks later we found out I was having a baby, and due to being with child, my nose changed and I couldn't stand most of my favorite fragrances, J'adore, being at the top of the list. :( I gave it to my mother, who wore it with aplomb, and I could tolerate it on her for some reason. Why do these big fashion houses keep reformulating their beloved fragrances? It's not as if we, the consumer, are looking for a new pleat or an updated buckle in a fragrance. I think that's why I usually wear niche fragrances. They don't change. Thank you for the review!!

  5. I can remember the launch of this in the store I worked at, it was a bomb, warm and deep, it's so sad they've destroyed it, used to have a very deep tuberose base, I agree with you about the notes, they make no sense.

  6. I like it very much, but I couldn't wear it. J'adore often do tragic things on my skin :(

  7. i love dior perfumes…..but this one was sharp and boring on me…i did like your  ysl elle review though….bought that one…love it!!!

  8. StellaDiverFlynn

    The original poster is stunning! The model looked wickedly similar to the actual bottle. And the bottle looks like champagne.

  9. Ouch, I really j'adore your videos! You seem to have good tastes when it comes to fragrances. Beautiful bottle by the way.  :-P

  10. rainbowbright111

    Thank you for your help, it would seem that my sister has the new one! Oh well! PS I appreciate how much you interact with your viewers, it means a lot. Keep up the great reviews ;)

  11. I want to hang out with you! Haha you're funny and you have great taste. :) <3

  12. Hello ouch! I had used j'adore before and i believe that was in 2001. Back then, it was given to me by my aunt from the states. I never really care for it same with gucci envy since they smell typical here in the philippines. Jadore smells like jasmine straight to me soak in cold water while envy smells like ylang-ylang tree at the back of our house. But i prefer envy since stays linear. The major thing that bothers me on jadore is that it have a tendency to be really salty musk at the drydown. Recently, my friend got this perfume as a present and she shows it to me probably the recent formulation but still turns salty on my skin. But a lot tolerable. Am i the only one having this experience or you do in some aspect while this fragrance develops? Thanks

  13. Hello Ouch, do you know when J'adore was reformulated? My sister has a bottle and we don't know whether or not it is the good stuff 😉 great review as always.

  14. this is the review that i was waiting for. thx ouch.. it does smell nice. now that j'adore has gone through reformulations i don't think i'll be purchasing this. i hate it when a fragrance is reformulated. it's just not the same how you smell it before.. anyhow ouch keep on the good reviews.. =D

  15. When I found it hard to describe a fragrance I describe feelings ,is that weird ? I love you reviews  !

  16. this is the most erotic women's perfume for me, when i smell it, my mind goes to the silhouette of naked charlize theron, and i immediately get a boner :)

  17. ooh I like the camera angle

  18. Thanks for the nice review Ouch! :) I always liked J'adore, but couldn't wear it because of the persistent metallic note that was in it… It almost smelled like real gold (surprise 😉 ). I much more prefer J'adore L'or – stronger, more dramatic and very elegant version, I smell tuberose in it; and J'adore Voile de Parfum – classic powdery scent. :)

  19. I've tried to wear this fragrance so many times, but it really doesn't agree with my body chemistry unfortunately. It always smells like grass on me, yuck. Smells good on others though. Oh well, can't win them all. Lol

  20. An absolute classic. I love this one. Awesome review!

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