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Christian Dior – Fahrenheit Le Parfum (2014) – Fragrance Review

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  1. this is a great review, thx 4 the upload on Parfum.

  2. Amazing scent of rum, spices and vanilla. It's dense and mesmerizing. Absolutely blows away the original Fahrenheit and its flankers.

  3. Great review!i've got to my nose on Le Parfum and O degrees fahrenheit..

  4. Use a tripod please.

  5. When i first tried it, i felt it had no resemblance to fahrenheit at all. But now that i haven't wore Fahrenheit for a long time, Le parfum does smell so much like the original, but much sweeter.

  6. Nice dior collection, but no eau sauvage?

  7. got it from dubai duty free.  really love it.  will be getting a backup bottle lest the new regulations effecctive jan 1st compel a reformulation

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