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Cheap Cologne Review: CK One Shock For Him (2011)

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  1. the 100ml

  2. i got this rn for 10 at ross !!!! Hell Yeah

  3. I have a feeling I'm going to use up a 200ml bottle before this year is up! Awesome stuff.  So, glad I got it.  Was only $20 shipped.

  4. I bought this cologne over the weekend at a Marshals. I did overlook this fragrance for quite some time. Thank you for the review. Great detail in explaining Shock! Not to many reviews on this fragrance.

  5. good review i always wondered how this smelled i might get some now

  6. Other CK that you should check out maybe CK Euphoria Gold and CK Summer 2014.

  7. KnowScentz Frags

    +quin Wallace , how long have you been reviewing frags? I have been wanting to post my first review but I am a little nervous, what advice could you give to someone just getting into the frag reviewing

  8. i never smelled this one before. Have u smelled any of the euphoria fragrances?

  9. AGentlemansJourney

    Great take, Quin. It is marketed towards younger guys like yourself but I do like this one.

  10. i like ck one shock , its nice for fall

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