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Cheap but Good Fragrance: Joop Homme Wild

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  1. I tried the original purple JOOP And They Should cal it GOOP..It is a thick oily sweet smelling concoction that is very heavy that should only be used by the drops, not sprays ..I hope this one is better ..

  2. Great review. I like the original Joop and didn't know this existed.  I gotta get it!

  3. venkatraman raguraman

    I get a lot of boozy rum type smell with coconut, like Malibu cocktails and stuff. It totally turns my stomach. I might be just my skin. I had to scrub this off really hard.
    I saw 1 O.Z. bottle for 4.99, so good buy for someone who can stand that coconut thing.

  4. I mentioned this as a no-go for me.  I will need to re-visit with The One in mind.  I got more of a 1 Million-esqe vibe out of this one but your review is going to challenge me to try it out again.

  5. how can I get it as same price you got ?

  6. Hey i just today came across your videos, nice job…. i see you target some good under radar scents and inexpensive also, try to review ; F by Ferragamo Black Salvatore Ferragamo for men, its a good one and cost like 30$ for 100ml smells like Chanel Allure homme and lasts 8 plus hours and on clothes may be 12 hours or more.

  7. Hey. Great reviews! Wanted your take on Beauty Encounter via Amazon. Is this a safe site for buying? Right now they have Byredo for an okay discounted price. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

  8. I got the same Bottle. I just discovered that it's a good fragrance, good smell for the price. When can I where this ?

  9. dont think i've tried any Joop scents But i do like The One

  10. Nice work mate. I see where you coming from. It's a little in the similar vibe but in a more synthetic way. Cheers 

  11. Reminds me of an evening version of Virgin Island Water.  Brings a smile and quiet confidence.

  12. I'll pick-it-up if I see if for $7.99 for a 1oz. bottle since I do love a good cheapie. Much appreciated. As far as it smelling like The One…you're the first one to mention this so we shall see.

  13. Yeah I did the first review on this. Good fragrance but I never reached for it so swapped it. Down fall of having to many frags I guess

  14. Good review my friend, im gonna check this one out. I think I seen it in Marshalls. 

  15. Your so right about that coconut vibe it really is a great frag.
    Great job bro. 

  16. Good review. Where did you buy it?

  17. Hey man, Iam a classical guitarist, check out my channel if you can. I have 5o pick this one up.You might also like joop nightflight, I have it and it's good.

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