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chanelNO.5 Perfume Review-Vivalapretty

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  1. They sell it at Sephora 💟 that's where I brought mines.

  2. you are beautiful :) I would love to follow you on your IG. I am a woman though lol

  3. Angelica Almanza

    Thanks for the review !

  4. ……. i want to smell the baby powder chanel ……… shall we just ignore you said that 

  5. your concealer/highlighter is too light for your skin tone

  6. i  got one ,i purchase it in chanel boutique,dis scent is nice smells lke heaven to me,but i wonder y it very2 weak,n the siillage are very poor…..after 30 min the smells are weak n gone….wat a shameless …huhu o ddissapoited
    not worth the money

  7. Thanks for the cool review

  8. It smells like old money.

  9. rogelio maldonado

    what do u suggest for my mom babe? shes in her late 40s.. she doesn't really go out much but like when my parents go out for dinner or something. i not to familiar with womans cologne except that chanel u was talking about but my ex had that and i dnt want my mommy wearing the same thing my ex wore lol any suggestions?

  10. persnikity12345

    Great review!

    (And for the record, it's pronounced "Oh duh par-fumm." :P)

  11. omg! you're too beautiful *__*

  12. Your house seem really nice, the pillows and stuffs, nice!

  13. The Very Berrie Life

    We love your videos so much!!! Thank you for putting so much effort into each one!

    We are newlyweds who live in New York City and we have a DAILY VLOG channel!! Yoon is Korean and a violinist and Justin is from Ohio and works in finance. Yoon has a beauty channel as well @ BYoonique! We have two adorable dogs and a feisty cat. We would love to share our life with you guys!

    It would be awesome if you came by our channels!!!

    The Very Berrie Life <3

  14. thanks ;))

  15. thankyou beautiful

  16. girllllll,,trying to get my ish together! lol

  17. no hun this is my hair:)

  18. Hey do u still have the aliexpress hair still in

  19. Where the heck have u been??

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