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Chanel Perfume Real Vs Fake Review! Let’s Discuss & Decide?

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  1. You're No 5 EDP is real. The Eau Fraiche on the left is real. The Eau Tendre is obviously fake. If you bought it in USA, it will be made in USA, but the fake one says Made in France. The key to tell the authenticity is to spray it on a card. REAL PERFUME DOESN"T STAIN. Fake does. Also, take a barcode reader and scan the box and see if it scans.
    Might also add…You mentioned how the No 5 smelled differently. If you question it, spray it on a card. Body composition affects the notes. We could both be spraying from the same bottle and it might smell slightly different on you vs me. Again, this has to do with different notes being released.

  2. hardtoregisteraname

    I have a bottle of Allure and the top button has the word CHANEL skewed on the gold band eg not straight.  Could that be fake?

  3. Even local small shop at small is fake too .. I just got a fake one at local small shop at shopping mall .. Don't buy from them ..

  4. … Also I heard couple years ago Marshall retail outlet got sued by Burberry the items not them factory … Chanel announ , they don't whole sell .. If we see a seller sell on eBay more than 2 properly are fake

  5. Hey .. I just watch your blog is very interesting .. I agree , today hard to tell between fake and real perfume , either we try both them , we can't not tell ..Until we can tell after two hour later . If disappear less than 2 hours is faked one . Other trick is we shake it if the bubble dissapear within 20 seconds is fake too , for sure .. Btw .i just bough a Christian Dior from friend selling wholesale and guarantee is real . Only 55$ .. When I check all over I can't tell real or not .. Only one thing I sure mine is fake : the smell gone within one hour ( at lest still have second notes and complete dissapear 3 hours later . When I shake my perfume , the bubble dissapear within 10 seconds . The box I just thought away . I wished I keep it and check can tell freak or real … And , I wished I could bring it to Macy to compare it . But I am still afraid to do that . Anyway you conclusion of my perfume is faked one …

  6. You shouldn't buy perfumes on ebay.

  7. Spencer Wallace Yu (BeautyAndTheBitch)

    Very important info: if the seller asks you to return a fake perfume, please don't do it. If you go on the U.S. Government's website on counterfeits, they tell you to destroy the item, as the fake item, if returned, will be put back into circulation.

  8. Also theres 2 versions of CHANEL No.5 which I know you came into question about the strength of the perfume.

  9. The best way to tell is a scent comparison from a demo at a retail and one that you think is fake thats a DEAD giveaway. Also your CHANEL CHANCE eau fraiche was real first CHANEL CHANCE with the scratched writting is fake. Also fragrancex sells authentic merchandise ive bought from them (as well as my friends and family) many times, and you can buy from amazon.com as well just as i have just make sure its being sold through a distributor and not an actual person selling it.

  10. Chanels distribution is extremely tight.If you dont get a Chanel fragrance directly from Chanel or a authorized seller like Macys/Nordstroms/Saks/Sephora/etc. then its a 99% chance that its fake

  11. Good video. I get EVERY CHANEL from CHANEL.COM. 1. I have no worries and 2. I have bought around 25 bottles and get free birthday, etc… Gifts….

  12. ALL OF THEM WERE FAKE EXCEPT ONE AND THAT'S THE ONE I BOUGHT FROM RETAIL. I ended up having to repurchase them from retail..I wasted alot of money so there was a loss overall ..i thought i could get a good deal from these places like ebay and all that i mentioned below in the comments..i would never want to buy a fake unless on purpose from the dollar store where they sell the generic perfumes that everyone has tried before..so never go to these places or never go there period its a rip off you can't tell most of them are fake they are really good knock offs unless you can compare them to originals but when you buy the authentic ones you will immediately see the difference..its not worth it and you can be out of money or worse hurt your health cause you don't know what they put in them…some knock offs even smell very close to the originals but they don't last as long either…but don't be fooled for retail perfume stuff go retail everyone! Hope this helps you all! The only original one was the one i bough from saks fifth ave 34th st which was Coco Chanel but all the rest were fake cause now i have the originals when they were gifted to me.. but even the testers were fake..don't be fooled online!!! People will lie or do anything to make a buck and sell fakes and not just perfume..it's just the way it is. Take your fakes to the retail business to compare if they are fake or not and you will see 9 times out of 10 you will have bought a fake if you don't know for sure..some places sell legits but most hard to gets or expensive retail merchandises with too goo to be true prices are fakes..only once in a blue moon will you snag a deal like that!

  13. Is it just me or are hands extremely swollen…?

  14. All authentic perfumes caps should be tightly snug on it's original bottles and some companies do put their trademark/batch number on the bottom, top or underneath the bottles.
    Some companies even give you an authentic company card to call for questions or comments to satisfy their customers! 

  15. sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst

    This is why eBay is bogus, I've never brought anything from there and I never will! Random ppl offering to sell something to you from their house?! Bullshit! Who knows what they've done to it, you don't know who's selling it, it's very risky. I don't like eBay and I never will. Especially when it comes to food and electronics

  16. You can buy from Amazon, just make sure the direct seller is Amazon and not a seller Amazon handles the shipping for.

  17. Fake chanel no 5. Go to Nordstrom and see a real one.

  18. Why would you buy fake products? Smdh

  19. i cant find any chanel perfume on fragrancex.com. does anyone know why? its because chanel protected their goods so well?

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