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Chanel Perfume Collection

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  1. I have the same problem with the medicinal smell of coco!

  2. Love your collection you like the same scents as I do 😉👌

  3. Christine Valentine

    I love chanel no5 chanel all the way x

  4. Kathsaddiction :)

    Just requested. Thank you. I was going crazy not being able to figure this out. 

  5. Kathsaddiction :)

    I'm telling you, it's the strangest thing. I can see snapehbp, your name, that you have 817 posts, etc, but when I request to follow, it kicks me out. 😮

  6. Kathsaddiction :)

    No, it's kathandstarbucks, my other addiction. 😉

  7. Kathsaddiction :)

    Hey there. I actually have an IG question for you. I'm trying to request to follow you and am unable to. Are you not accepting any more followers??? Thanks so much. Kathleen 

  8. Lovely collection hun

  9. Breakfast Tiffany's

    Awesome Chanel perfumes. Love them all. Nothing can beat Chanel in my book. Lol. 

  10. Amazing!

  11. Sam this video is so chic and elegant! I love your Chanel collection. My favourite is Coco Mademoiselle. I don't use Chanel 5 but the bottle is so beautiful. I want to get the little bottles and try Gardenia. Amazing video sweetheart the quality of iPhone 6 is impeccable xoxoxo

  12. Nettie Ward I Nettiesworld4u

    Sam, wonderful collection thanks for sharing with us, just watched Laura's video too and it looks like you guys share the same Chanel fragrance love 😀  Regarding filming, did you try the QuickTime Play app that comes with your MacBook Pro?  This is what I use all the time.  Let me know if you need any help 😀 xoxo

  13. The only Chanel perfume I have is Chanel No 5. Very nice collection Sam. Thanks for sharing xxxooo

  14. Gorgeous collection!

  15. HaveLouisWillTravel

    Had some troubles uploading my video and was happy to see you did this as well! Great collection – and I may need to get some Allure in my life. Maybe for fall. Thanks for the shout out! :)

  16. What if you sprayed coco on your clothes,try it at home on your pjs first that's what I do with some perfumes that I love or ones that fade too fast

  17. Also, I sent you a DM on Instagram about how to flip your videos in Photobooth… it's actually pretty simple (in video mode go to Edit: and select "Auto Flip New Items". Good luck!!

  18. michelle haywood

    this was so lovely to watch!! gorgeous collection Sam!! Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Those samples are so cute! I am planning to stock up on perfume during the Sephora VIB Rouge sale 💖 — although the one I really want is Gardenia- got to go to the boutique soon I guess! Great collection 😊

  20. You have an amazing collection. Honestly I had planned on doing a video on my Chanel collection too. It's kind of comical but when you see it, you will understand what I mean. Loved the video ☺️

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