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CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Dupe ♥ Review & Comparison

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  1. I am so thankful!
    I use this Perfume now three years!
    It smells really simillaaaar!! ❤️

  2. Laura-Sophie Fleur

    Sorry but you said wrong,
    Actually Lidl is a German supermarket and there are basically about 2 Lidl in every city xD

  3. The Chanel one is the eau de toilette, not the perfume. It still has good lasting power though.

  4. You look so sophisticated in this video in particular. Like a real chanel girl. 

  5. i'd bang her asshole so hard ooohh yaaaah fuckin hottie

  6. LIDL is german.

  7. LIDL is German retailer, not British…

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  10. Ella loves Chucky

    YAYAY! I have the Chanel one, but I live in the UK and my local store is lidl, so now I don't have to spend £200 on my Chanel!

  11. Your review made me so curious. Think I have to go to Lidl tomorrow ^.~

  12. Thanks for the review! You're amazing

  13. You are talking rubbish. I think 99% of people across the internet would disagree with your boring commentary. Along with the several blind smell tests against Chanel, which that this dupe has won.

  14. i love your healthy vieos love them youre so inspiring, pls. do more healthy eating tips

  15. bridgette7barrera

    I cant find that perfume on ebay :( is there a website you recommend me to go on so i can purchase the dup

  16. There are LIDL's all over Europe, in every country of EU are many :)

  17. Thanks getting Coco Mad.. for my wonderful girlfriend :)

  18. i bought it from the Lidl across my street. i have to say that there's a reason why it's with this price and why it's not really coco mademoiselle… i sprayed a little bit of it on my wrist and tried to smell it and my throat hurts(NOT MY NOSE) if you know what I mean… and i coughed for like a few hours… but they do smell similar like 80%…

  19. just went to lidl and got one, thanks!

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