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Chanel Coco Eau De Parfum Perfume Review

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  1. LoveAlwaysAlisa

    Coco is the only Chanel fragrance I like and is on my want list, although No5 has been growing on me lately.

  2. Really enjoying your reviews! Always calm, informative, and very thorough yet easy to understand. Looking forward to all the rest :)

  3. I love how coco smells :) I am more of a dior girl as well. Tfs! 

  4. 😀 the only chanel i own(from chanel line) and love oh so much is coco, don't care about the rest, very curious about coromandel, don't get the hype about neither coco mademoiselle nor coco noire.. Thought I was crazy and than I watched your review and now I feel better :)))

  5. Love your reviews! Coco is wonderful in the winter, so cozy :) I personally do not get the dryer sheet association, however I use those little dryer ball things, so I am not really too familiar with the smell of dryer sheets. I was wondering your thoughts on Chanel's Eau Premiere, Have you tried it?

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