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Chanel Allure Homme Sport VS. Dior Homme Sport – Amanda Nose Best

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  1. Come on when we getting a full review of dhs

  2. I love these battles! We need more!

  3. With an adomizer of Insurgence 2 Pure, I think I have a fragrance with lemon and woodsy scents so I'll try to get a sample of Chanel's Allure Homme Sport

  4. I will take 20 mils of Oujan

  5. how much for the virgin island water? never tried it before but i have the tommy Bahama set sail st barts. doesn't last at all for me

  6. do you have any aventus left? also do you happen to have virgin island water or any other creeds?

  7. DHS 08 sucks on my skin – 3h and its gone.
    My pick is AHS

  8. I own Dior Homme Sport (2012) and I owned Chanel Allure Homme Sport (sold it and replaced it with Versace Pour Homme which is lighter and smells better to my nose). I prefer DHS and particularly the 2012 version (with a hint of iris compared to the 2008 version)

  9. Great vid , i like both but the Dior sport , at least the 2008 version is fresher and cleaner to me. very crisp. I haven't tried the 2012 version yet. I am assuming you guys are trying the 2012 right?

  10. Jolly Victorian

    Nice to see you two again. You all are so entertaining together! Hey Dan, what do you think of Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme?

  11. Those 2 bad boys are always in my summer line-up, although I prefer the Chanel scent a bit more. Great video, keep those comparison vids coming!

  12. DHS from 2008 (red tube) is the better summer frag with the great ginger note in it. DHS 2012 is a great more all year frag. The AHS is still also darn good for all year round. Summer version of AHS would be Versace Pour Homme. Also great stuff. Cheers The Fraghead Claus

  13. You planning on trying out bond no 9 liberty island?

  14. DD The one Vs A-Man Pure malt?

  15. Which Dior Homme Sport did you use? First formulation or 2012? I love 2012….

  16. AHS overall is better! The Dior has no lasting power although they both smell good

  17. nice
    for me I think Dior homme sport

  18. I literally JUST got the last spray out of my 3.4oz AHS bottle 😭😭

  19. hey dan have you gotten your nose on MASION FRANCIS KURKDJIAN BACCARAT ROUGE 540 it smells beautiful, i have received major complements with it, i would like you and Amanda take on it thanks

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