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Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme 1st Impression Fragrance/Cologne

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  1. Just like with Bleu de Chanel, i was not a big fan of the opening, but after one hour, it smelled so good, the citrusy-vibe toned down and was overpowered by a more masculine powdery scent, but you could still notice the citrus…. i prefer bleu though

  2. Obtained Victory

    Is there a counterfeit out of this eau extreme I want to be sure to avoid purchasing on ebay and only reason I will be searching there is because I can not find a 3.4 anywhere!!

  3. Wich is better allure or bleu de chanel?

  4. Hey Al do you have those street scents t-shirts for sale, if so what's the price range?

  5. The tonka bean with the citrus and the mint this compination is giving me a sweet and fresh vibe at the same time

  6. Jalal Cherrouki

    I love it, in my perspective is number one I give it 10/10

  7. Gavriel Ben Issachar

    It smells like play dough… I love it.

  8. Hey man, need advice. I'm buying a bottle and got like $100. What should I get #1 as a "ladykiller". I like fresh and unique. Long lasting. I've heard YSL La Nuit, CH Man, Allure Sport and Issey Miyake are great options. What do u recommend? Thx 


    I give it a 12 

  10. al, is there a fragrance that you do NOT like? it seems with all your videos, you love all your fragrances, never heard of anything negative or bad about one cologne you own in terms of how it smells.

  11. Tyrone Jennings

    hi Street Sense

    I got up this morning. Wondering what to put on. What came to my mind I was kind of unsure. But I didn't reach out for the Allure Homme Sport. I let me tell you. I have one beautiful conversation what's this beautiful woman. I mean this conversation went from. 

  12. Je trouve que le parfum sent le 7up/Sprite. Je l'aime quand même.

  13. Michael Diodato

    I love this stuff . Compliment getter forshure . Got a 100ml for 50 ml price at maceys . The projection is tricky on me 3 sprays of this n im good to go 

  14. My wife thinks it smells like oatmeal :-)

  15. yeeeeee i start to smell the vanilla too. Im actually really liking the dry down smell.

  16. Smell like deisel plus plus and paco 1 million

  17. Heriberto Maya

    Hey man, do you plan on making a video review of the original Allure Homme Sport?

  18. The dry dwn is even better excellent scent

  19. dolphinsattack

    Yeah, this fragrance is not "sport''. If you're looking for a fresh sport or aquatic fragrance, this is NOT it.

  20. dolphinsattack

    I have a sample of this and I'm not a fan. It's flat, musky, with a hint of spice, very smooth but smooth in a bad way. It's smooth in a candy way. It's a smoother flatter version of Paco Rabanne 1 Million. It's not "sporty". They should not label this "sport".

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