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Chanel – Allure Homme Edition Blanche Fragrance Review

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  1. Fragrance Tattoo

    is it EdT or EdP ?
    I know EdT is much better.

  2. I picked this up from Nordstrom last year for $85. Code 6201 batch April 2012. EDT concentration. For me this works better in the fall/winter. My winters are a dry cold up here in Alaska. Since I work in an office the temp are warm and typical day id apply 4 sprays in the morning and reapply 2 during lunch. I've gotten good compliments on this when co-workers can smell me. Glad I have an almost full bottle since I have 100 bottles in my collection it takes me a while to get to my favorite colognes. I've plateaued now and know what works for me and what I will be repurchasing once my favorite bottles are finished. Not sure how the new stuff smells compared to my bottle but not sure if I'd pay $100 for another bottle.

  3. You mention there are better alternatives. What would you recommend? I already own Dior Homme Sport 2008. Thanks.

  4. very apt review …I am not a great fan of allure line …and u nailed it ….rare ….considering the rave reviews this gets among the fragrance community ….so your review is quite accurate …and I must congratulate  you for cutting the subterfuge of deceptive reviews and giving one honest review …keep up the good work mate !

  5. David A. Quiroa

    Love it, just got it today— will wear it tomorrow.

  6. Love it so much!

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