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Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche EDP Review

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  • New with Box, CHANEL_Allure Eau De Parfum (EDP) 3.4 FL OZ
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  1. Edition Blanche Edp is for me atleast a good crowd pleaser, but performance is awful. I just cant smell it on my skin after 2-3 hours….absurd for a edp concentration.

  2. Mia will become world-renowned perfumer when she grow up.

  3. Hey Dan is this a safe blind buy for a college student??

  4. Thanks mike!!!

  5. Sabastion had a review that he stated he spoke with a rep of Chanel who said the edp was just a label change.

  6. great to see Mia! :D

  7. I've been wondering about this one. Great review Dan!

  8. Oh yeah…love this one and it is a great Chanel for sure. Great to see Mia again. She is
    Wonderful on camera. Now you have gone and done it Dan!!! .now I have to smell Dior Homme Cologne. Bravo, Brilliant, Cheers and fabulous!!

  9. The Eau De Toilette and the Eau De Parfum are the same juice.  They just relabeled them which is very underhanded in my opinion.

  10. kinda reminds me of Joy dishwashing soap…I think its nice but If I had to choose between this or Dior Cologne or Homme Sport this would be my 3rd choice….

  11. ive got this fragrance, i love it. one of my favs

  12. my SOTD. Love at 1st sniff.

  13. Miss you guys! Your baby became a princess :D

  14. Great review Dan!When your daughter becomes older she will know so much about fragrances lol that she could own a fragrance store or like fragrance boutique.When i was her age the last thing my parents talked to me about was fragrances lol. yeah i like this one in edt but sits too close to the skin.Need to try Dior homme cologne keep hearing good things.I'm surprised you never reviewed edt version in your videos.Something a little off topic you use to have tom ford noir de noir video but i joined your channel after you deleted it.

  15. Great video guys have to check this out FOR SURE.

  16. Oajon what I wanna try 

  17. Dan show that fragrance room looks great best man cave there is

  18. Great review Mish Family! This has gone on my Christmas list for this year. As Jim mentioned below, this should work well in my cube farm of an office next summer. Keep up the great work.

    BTW, the most realistic Lemon (Amalfi that is)…Profumum Roma's Aqua Viva. Actually got a split of it and the bottle from you!

  19. I don't think they're the same. Edp seems less creamy to me.

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