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Chanel Allure Homme Cologne Sport Review

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  1. I really enjoy this one. Every time I wear this it reminds me of Trix cereal. It's just so citrusy and fruity. Also last 8+ on my clothes. Great review! 

  2. "It doesn't smell like garbage"


  3. In terms of longevity and sillage, this is an eau de cologne alright. I think it's a beautiful fresh lemon cologne for the gym setting

  4. It was Eau De Grey Flannel, lol

  5. Wasnt grey flannel once Amanda's nr.1? Never smelled it but lately i only hear bad talk about it. thort it was good but okay.. better save some money there.

  6. 2:28 She sits….really tight. lol.

  7. This one was really pointless to be honest, well I can see it having a point if someone were to use this as a workout scent, since it isn't as heavy as the original sport, so in that aspect it succeeds. I like my fragrances to project as well, and id rather have a powerhouse fragrance that I can only do one spray on, rather than one that I need to apply liberally.

  8. Out of the three definitely going to have to go with Alure Homme Sport, no the cologne edition. I find that it is more versatile and I get better projection. Plus I enjoy the overall smell a little more. Great review Dan. I feel that the Cologne Sport is good as an everyday cologne, especially where the bottle comes in 150ml haha.

  9. @Guinea54 Thank god that they don't have any more, lol. I wanted to get to them all in a close time frame while I had them fresh in my head. Glad to be moving onto something new, lol

  10. @speedpenguin01 Yes I definitely need to get my hands on Bleu. Thanks for your input!

  11. @archelon I like my stuff to project as well.

  12. @MrMAINEYANKEE Well it's been quite chilly here now and the scent lasts 6 to 7 hours but very close to skin.

  13. @bpwool lmao

  14. @Netceesdotcom Why yes I can and I will! Now I will do it sooner :-)

  15. hey dan!! I was just wondering do you sell samples?! I would love to buy some if you do!-

  16. Wait I am really confused. wtf there is a different allure sport? The different flankers are sometimes really annoying. Was it really necessary to make another sport? Thats so retarded. Especially when they have blanche. And now they have bleu which isn't that much different than the original sport/blanche. Its like tons of the same shit to me. Thank you for making it easier for us man, and just suggesting sport! The regular sport! lol.

  17. Thanks for reviewing this Dan! I haven't seen anyone else do a review on this, but I agree everything what you said about this one. I like the dry down but top notes are too citrusy, longevity and projection are toned on this fragrance.

    I guess if I were to pick any of the 3 allures, it would be edition blanche because it's a very good quality lemon dry down that whispers instead of screaming for attention and makes me feel confident wearing.

    Next test for Amanda, Bleu De Chanel!!

  18. good solid review. i smelled this at dutyfree over the summer and got the same type of vibe that you described; cirus/lemon. i almost bought from a guy too, but good to hear that it only stays the skin. i like my stuff to project

  19. Nice review again! Still only have the toilette. Haven't worn it in awhile either. After being told it was "girly" and getting stung by a bee, I kinda lost interest.

  20. Magic stuff Mickers!
    Loins tremble LOL!
    Iv been wondering for a while which Allure to get & im gonna go for Allure Sport, i just wish it wasnt $100 for 100mls over here!
    I dont think its a dollar a buck frag, maybe if it was EDP it would be.
    i wont get the weaker cologne one,
    Cheers you two!

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