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Champion by Davidoff Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. When I first spray this I get a sprite vibe…after the dry down it is wonderful. Really great when you sweat or in hot weather. Get a lot of compliments from this one. 

  2. Hey, Cubby, if you can get your hands on the original, vintage formulation of Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce ( the clear, rectangular glass bottle that says "FIERCE" in bold red letters and has a shiny sliver cap), can you pretty pretty pleasseee do a review on it? (^-^)
    I would LOVEE to see your take on it.
    The reformulated version is just sadly a shadow of what it used to be :,(

  3. got a 1.2ml tester today and it stinks

  4. Very, very strong smell for the first hour. It lasts somewhere around 5-7 hours.
    Beware, the smell is just atrocious. I've had this on during an exam in class. I got headache from the smell. The smell is just… I don't know what they were thinking when they made this. Would never wear this in a crowded place, the people would probaby kill me. I guess for some people the smell would be okay but its way to classic and way too strong, way too strong. Davidoff colognes suck.

  5. mine does not last long

  6. It's not good tbh…

  7. What about the 'ENERGY' version of the champion range?!??!

  8. davidoff champion better of course, the champion energy is so short lasting fragrance i dont recommend it at all

  9. What in your opinion is better : Davidoff Champion or Davidoff Champion Energy.
    This is very important for

  10. Olivér Atanaszov

    It reminds me of Gucci Sport actually.

  11. Smells like a swimming pool to me… sadly somebody paid a fair amount for it too. :/


  13. Hahahaha! You're spot on bout basenotes! Could you do a vid on like your fave modern/pleasant smelling colognes?

  14. I just tried it today
    it's great
    Do u know anything smells like it?
    in a better way

  15. I think i'm going to buy it just for the design 😀
    Anyone knows how much it weights? Also, are the sides made of steel?

  16. @fragranceAre4Bitches Im just saying that you don't need to post things degrading him… You can keep it to yourself cause its not necessary to post it on other reviewers videos. If you have his back then there is no reason for you to post negative stuff.

  17. @fragranceAre4Bitches You know, all you do is post crap all over youtube cause you're insecure and feel that putting other people down will help. Don't comment or watch if you don't like it. You're just an annoying person that no one will like so just stop

  18. @thanxz911 I've never gotten that impression from robes08 at all.. methinks you are projecting your own shortcomings onto him for whatever reason.

  19. I can't agree more about basenotes, when I first started buying fragrances I would consult the reviews there and they would bash a fragrance just because it was a cheaper one

  20. You know what would be crazy? You ever see that episode of South Park and the shake weight and how it sprayed a "cooling mist" at the end of its use? Imagine if you had to do that to the bottle in order to get out a spritz haha that would be something else! Great review cubby!

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