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CH Men Prive by Carolina Herrera Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. i regret my previous words.i will never judge afrag after the first sniff.i bought abottle of ch men prive.i enjoy wearing it.now i prefer it more than the original.such an amazing fragrance

  2. hickorydickoryduck

    Is it just me or is there a problem with the audio in this video? Comes and goes.Thanks for the review though.

  3. Tried it thought it smells like roasted salted pack of peanuts

  4. Naufal Ade Septianto

    Hi, would this fragrance work on 19 years old men? I'm 19 and interesting to this fragrance. Thanks

    sorry for my English, I'm Indonesian.

  5. looking forward to buy this bottle from on-line store, i am wondering if tester is the best choise? , is it the real juice?it `s true that tester`s are always genuine,not fakes?

  6. This fragrance does not deliver unfortunately ..
    Or maybe my expectations were just too high. After all, I expected it to be better than CH Men ( which is still King !) .

  7. CH Men Prive is currently overhyped. Is it a bad fragrance? No, it's fine… But it's nothing special, and certainly not worth what people are paying.

    First off, I find the original CH Men to have plenty of character, and more originality than the Prive.

    Second, Bvlgari Man In Black is a very similar fragrance with a bolder scent profile.

    Third, both of the scent mentioned above are available way cheaper than CH Men Prive. I'd only buy a full bottle of this fragrance if you're a collector, or if the hype has you clawing your eyes out. Personally, I feel like the scent isn't as impressive as the Bvlgari rendition, and the performance is about identical for the original CH Men (which is still a unique compliment getter).

  8. Robert Armstrong

    CH Men the original. Cant be beat. Hands down the best.

  9. Solid review. I would add one point to your 7, because of CH Men Prive's effect. I don't dislike the scent, yet it doesn't blow me away either. BUT… Women absolutely love it on me. I don't know why. But it works. In elevators, in pubs, in a freaking library. Almost everywhere. It captivates women. I can imagine that, being a married man, you don't put this into the equation. But for me, it does wonders. More than Creed Aventus. More than Parfums de Marly Herod. More than Dior Homme. Par to scents like Bleu de Chanel, La Nuit De L'Homme, CH Men and Boucheron Jaïpur Homme. Amazing, but true.

  10. Bottle looks great!

  11. Gracias amigo!!! Nice touch with that wink at the end man haha

  12. What a coincidence, I have been testing Carolina Herrera fragrances for a while now and this one was my latest acquisition. I would have to agree, the opening smells very boozy; like whiskey to me, but the overall scent is not as sweet as the original is, and it definitely has its own personality. Great review as usual. Thank you!

  13. Great vids keep em up!

  14. omar olivera venegas

    You never talked about the whiskey note , which is the main one .
    Merry xmas overthere

  15. keep up the good work,all the best in 2016 to you and yours…great review,told a friend about this scent and suprisingly he messaged me a pic of it this morning..so he's now a new subscriber to your channel

  16. Just got a 50 ml bottle in Saint Pete Russia for just 25 bucks. Don't care for the original, and between this and the grand tour, I chose this.

  17. Your videos are so well done. AnaMaria

  18. What is your opinion on the CVS Instyle Fragrance impressions? Are they close enough for the price?

  19. Great review. If you compare it with the original i agree that it doesn't have the magic factor like CH Men. It's just a very pleasant boozy fragrance that's comparable with Pure Malt and La Nuit. It's more in that league than the original CH Men. For winter CH Men prive is one of my favorites.

  20. commandermarc.lb

    Hey man, big fan of your work, Could you review The new James Bond fragrances Seven or Seven Intense?

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