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CH Men Carolina Herrera Review

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  1. Did anyone buy this on Amazon? Trying to figure out if my bottle is fake or real?

  2. 4:20 you're the best Dan hahahahaaha

  3. This guy should have his nose insured as he is super accurate with his fragrance descriptions.love the vids my man!!

  4. this guy is funny one of my favorite fragrance reviewer.

  5. ok, you guys got my sub. dan, your a tongue flicking beast! lolol

  6. forget about perfume men.you guys are too good.made for each other. nice couple.

  7. tried this in an atomizer first to see if i liked it and it was really sweet and floral. i decided to get a bottle and my bottle smells different with way more leather and wood. it's nice but i bought it for the that special blend of sweetness and grass.

  8. Lovely couples full of life and happiness keep it man hold ya wife and grow old with her.love d review too I got that and its d best.

  9. حشاش كبير

  10. You folks are a cool couple!  You guys rock!   Nice review I would like to know which is your favorite fragrance and your wife's favorite fragrance for you to wear.  Thanks!  Dude you always make me laugh!  LOL!!!!!

  11. Have to ask that photograph underneath your collection of fragrances is it a gathering of witches and warlocks?

  12. Dan your the man! Your reviews are always ALWAYS funny :). Never tried ths but wanted to say I hope you'll be able to try the house of Clive Christian again for it is truly great!!! There avail at Nordstroms/Sax's fifth ave/Neiman Marcus and if your in one of those boutiques will not only let you sample but try it on your skin too. C for men is amazing!!! Anyway take it easy fume head and Amanda looks great 😉 see yaz

  13. I just got my bottle in & my bottle looks way different?? Mine has the logo on the bottom right hand corner 

  14. Don't like sweet, but love the sweet couple!!

  15. Ur wife iss  adorable!

  16. Just happened to be watching this. Haven't worn this one in months. Popped the cap to take a sniff and instantly I was reminded of the opening of royal oud. So what did I do? I layered them. CH on top of RO… Great combination the sweetness of the CH is toned down by the RO. While I was at it thought I'd try the RO and Aventus.. Honestly with the Cedar in RO, the two layered smells like Mancera Cedrat Boise. Good smells either way… 

  17. Hi! I wish to purchase this. Where did you buy your bottle?

  18. soul winner for christ

    is this better than 1 millon

  19. You and Amanda are great!  and for the record, Amanda has never been wrong about a fragrance as far as I know :)

  20. She looks like Kelly Clarkson 👍

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