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Celine Dion Signature Perfume at Kohl’s

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  1. I got this in a small(ish) bottle for fifteen dollars at walmart (didn't feel like going shopping just to buy bottle of perfume, and chose to give hers a chance). Honestly I'm a little disappointed with this perfume. There is absolutely nothing unique or interesting about it. It just smells okay – like a bunch of other perfumes.

  2. CelebrityPerfume

    Signature is a really nice sweet floral fragrance.

  3. I`m for sure getting it. HATE that it`s not available in Norway :-( Have to buy it online from the U.S. But nothing prevents a FAN from getting it!!!!

  4. its a classic perfume

  5. Paul Palumbo Jr.

    Thanks for the tip and demo — this will be my Mom's birthday present.
    She LOVES every one of her perfumes and this will just add to her collection!

  6. I gound this at my local Super Target for $27 so I recommend it there

  7. shame there is no smello-vision lol

  8. It smells like HEAVEN!! It's at Walgreens and Kohl's so far.

  9. can't wait to get mine :DDDDDD

  10. Hi Lisa! Thanks for the info!!! Do you like the new scent? Once you put it on, did it blend well with your own body chemistry? I'm looking forward to getting it for myself!!

  11. Holy Dion!!! I gotta go to Kohl's TMRW!!! Please be in Ohio

  12. My mom loves celines parfume, it needs to come out in missouri so i can purchase it for her bday!

  13. LisaFayeChardonnay

    @mannycampas Not sure if it's at all Kohl's stores yet, but it's at least at some of them. And i'm certain it will be at other stores besides Kohl's soon.

  14. so its at Kohl's around the US?

  15. Wow!! NICE CATCH!…. thanks for the heads up!

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