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Celine Dion Perfume Review – Signature

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  1. I just love your reviews as always!

  2. How to know when a celion dion signature perfume is fake

  3. Reminds me sooooo much of my first bottle of perfume ' intuition by max factor ' I just love it 😉

  4. CelebrityPerfume

    I think I've nearly made it through your list. Midnight Fantasy still to go!

  5. CelebrityPerfume

    It stays quite close to the skin so you probably need to wear it yourself to really appreciate it. Its a lovely cheerful scent.

  6. I'm very surprised by your review. I've smelled this on a few people and thought nothing of it. From your review I'm going to give it a try! 😉

  7. Good review,
    sounds like one I would buy…I love beautiful by estee lauder…wondering what other perfumes out there have a nice floral scent like that …

  8. Please review Nicki Minaj Pink Friday, Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears, Purr by Katy Perry and Meow by Katy Perry. I will love you forever! Great video by the way, love your reviews. Hope you get really famous on YouTube because you deserve it.

  9. Most of Celine's fragrances have been unimpressive. Maybe I will give this a try. She may surprise me.

  10. CelebrityPerfume

    Thanks for watching and leaving a comment!

  11. Marjolaine Daudrumez

    I love your reviews!

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