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Celine Dion Perfume Review – Original Parfum

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  1. hi :) check my celine perfume – pure brilliance & chic 

  2. How can someone be so stupid to believe what says a marketing dumb quote pretending that, with some perfume, you gonna find true love bullshit blablabla ??? Couldn't imagine marketing power could be that strong on someone's "brain" !

  3. I'm 15 and I've loved this fragrance since I was 10. I just bought a 100mL bottle yesterday for $20!

  4. Actually in March 2003 she launched One Heart, not ANDHC (March 2002)

  5. you seem like you are hired for advertizing Celine's concerts and products.

  6. im so proud of Celine! :) her original parfume is the 2nd best selling perfume for a cepebrity male or female 😀 thats exciting lol

  7. Let see, I have Celine Dion perfume, Sensational, Pure Brilliance (which is my fav) and another one that has Celine Dion perfume on the bottle, idk if it’s the same as the original, it’s in a different bottle. I do agree with you on how the original perfume smells, I don't really wear the original that much. I LOVE Pure Brilliance, I've never had chic though, I can't find it in stores : /

  8. 3:35 – 3:54
    Lol, something I would say too!
    Great vid!

  9. I've got Celine Dion and Sensational! :)
    That's a funny quote!!! I don't really use the Celine Dion parfume either! But when I do, it's so magical I can fly and ask the boy that stands on the moon to give me his water from the moon. What do I gotta do? Ok sorry. I just had to :)

  10. Fantastic job!! You're doing such a wonderful thing with your videos. WHY AREN'T YOU ON TV??

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