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Celine Dion – Hymne à l’amour (American Music Awards 2015)

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  1. Condoléances attristées

  2. beautiful dress olympic singing no passion no tears the public yes.visuals great her french phrasing hummmm

  3. Ewa-Elzbieta Deoniziak

    Celine Dion now is with Johnny Hallyday. From old and sick husband to another old boy Johnny Santa. Celine Dion look on the mirror without make-up…

  4. J'adore cette chanson d'Edith Piaf! Celine did a beautiful job in spite of the circumstances, and I'm sure the emotion made singing all the more difficult – Paris and Renee. All the more sincere and real. Art and life . . .

  5. I think you are missing the point. This was a tribute to all those people who have died at the hands of terrorist. Happens to be geared towards the French. Guess you can't really see the big picture. Who cares if she was on or not this was a tribute and shame on those who were narrow minded and we're concentrating on any imperfections. You all need broaden your minds or this world will never change

  6. Is it that some lives matters more than others?

  7. I've listened to the original version by Edith Piaf (which is amazing) while listening to Celine's version at the same time. Honestly just shut up at this point. Celine gave an incredible performance. It's actually almost pathetic to see people trying to put down someone giving a tribute to the victims of a terrorist attack. The same BS happened when she sand "God Bless America" after 9/11. Really? Give it up, the woman can sing beyond words, hence the audience members in tears.

  8. merci, très émouvant

  9. Je lis des commentaires disant qu'elle a chanté faux? Mais c'est quoi, êtes-vous des professeurs de chant, des musiciens? Elle ne chante pas faux du tout, sa voix a craqué tout simplement à trois reprises! Arrêtez d'écrire n'importe quoi. Ce n'est pas sa meilleure performance cette soirée là, mais elle n'a rien a prouvé cette légende, elle a une voix extraordinaire.

  10. TRES BONNE VERSION EDITH  PIAF.. VERY GOOD..JUST  PROBLEME  AT 1.04     AND  2.48  VERY  PROBLEME  LOL   BUT   VERY GOOD    !!!     very strong voice!!!    amazingversion edith piaf but  just  very very  big  voice  end  more strong as  edith piafbeaucoup plus  puissant  que la version de  piaf impressionant

  11. Magnifique chanson sensationnelle pour rendre hommage aux victimes à Paris avec une voix extraordinaire de Céline Dion très touchant merci !!!

  12. Une grande Dame, Très bel hommage merci,
    je ne parlerais pas de sa "façon" de chanter ( problème de retour son ou pas…)

  13. Diva!

  14. wsh 240 p

  15. C'mon, guys. Top Notch. bad high What's your opinion about that, guys

  16. elle ces rater sur voler la fortune elle a un problème avec ces lèvres ?

  17. Yes her high notes were at 90% on, but most of her soft spoken notes were off until half the song. Then she was "on" for the rest of the song, luckily. Anyway a first for Celine. Surely something wrong with the PA system, too low. She couldn't hear herself.

  18. First time earing her Sooo off key!!!

  19. Piaf never sand this song in tune.
    the off key, being flat is perfect!
    its raw, powerful emotion she's showing
    after all, france is her 2nd home, her husband is of syrian descent, this many many implications for her

    when she sings perfectly, people accuse her of being emotionless, when she sings with emotion, shes off key, flat…
    people need to get a life and stop bitching. its a great rendition.. no other singer besides piaf herself could have sung this song

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