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Celebrity Perfume Review

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  1. Can you stop using vulgarities

  2. ???? 

  3. Christine Valentine

    So glad watched this I laughed so much keep posting videos u earned yourself a fan :0) x

  4. Please can you do a updated perfume collection video 

  5. Just found your YouTube channel and dayuum you're amazing! 

  6. you need bulleting. 

  7. What the…….wow 

  8. You're hilarious!

  9. My fave perfume is ghost omfg it lasts forever aswell you should buy some

  10. I feel like a slut when I have that one on lmfaooo can't cope !!!!

  11. Hag:L so funny

  12. I fucking love the smell of Gaga Perfume but the lasting power is non existent on me :'(

  13. andthisgirlislara

    I fucken lurve you more than you fucken lurve your perfume Scott Bickel Woulddddddddddd!!!!

  14. You're a crazy ass bitch, but i like you

  15. Scott Bickel would

    hi humans!

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