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Celebrity Perfume Collection – Elise Wheeler

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  1. Hey the same thing happened with my meow bottle I just put oil and petroleum jelly on it and slowly took it out with my finger and it worked!

  2. Passinggirl playsgames


  3. Corbin Cunningham

    Love your videos

  4. Priscila Bernardi

    I LOVE perfume.
    And I really like your videos. 
    Xtina's my favorite and Fantasy

  5. WOW! I like your perfumes… especially Cher Lloyd and Nicki Minaj… too sad for me cause you dont have ONE DIRECTION PERFUME… :( but you are an awesome collector! :))

  6. My name is Elise

  7. i will probably do these review after xmas as i will be purchasing them for my bday and xmas (they are 4 days apart ) stay tuned

  8. PhloeFanSince2000

    Great perfume reviews I have a lot of perfume too!

  9. OMG lol "Pull Nicki's head off.. Put it back on"

  10. u cant get it in stores but i put a link to it in the bottom bar !!!

  11. U are so pretty

  12. Where did you get the Cher Lloyd parfue pls telll me!

  13. Done link in the bottom bar

  14. OMG I can't stop laughing about 2:27! You made the funniest face ever!!

  15. Its plain BASIC she said. She was talking about the bottle

  16. i already have the link is in the bottom bar
    xoxo elise

  17. Can u review selena gomez perfume please ??? :-)

  18. fantasy is not plain stupid

  19. I Will Make A seperate video on that ok Stay Tuned

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