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Celebrity Alcohol Taste Test

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  1. only americans would drink cognac in that way!

  2. man with the black polo shirt on, nice fake ralph lauren xD

  3. Celebrities making alcohol is a great example of a horrible idea.

  4. Do Americans actually respect Nicky Minaj???

  5. Justin your wine look like you white but there's a little kick at the end

  6. i wish i worked at buzzfeed :)

  7. Where was the Marilyn Manson brand absynthe?

  8. Twizzlerz

  9. ZomBabeZoe's Channel

    lol I wanna work for buzzfeed

  10. Crystal head meant to be mixed it taste better with pineapple juice taste off the chain mixed with goldslaugger<< however you spell that shit cinnonmy liquor with gold flecks in it.

  11. 'The "queen" Nick Minaj'??? There's no hope for humanity

  12. Oh yeah Buzzfeed, sit the two Asians with each other XD

  13. nicky minaj elegant? i think that girl dont know what that word meen

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    We'll send you them for free )

  15. Need more Andrew Gauthier in life please.

  16. i want more videos of eugene drinking

  17. That chinese lookin' chick is SO hot……… I hope she likes anal!

  18. "this tastes like an apple crayon"

  19. who is the guy with ned???

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