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Cartier Roadster for men Fragrance Review

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  1. Great review my friend!

  2. About 18 months ago, when I started my journey, I meant to get this, however 100 bottles later- still do not have it nor sampled. Great vid! 

  3. The mint and vanilla has always been an odd combination for me.

  4. Vegetal!! Yes, thats the word that best describes this.

  5. AGentlemansJourney

    Great review, Mr. Lupe. I really enjoyed watching it and this is definitely a gem.

  6. Johnny Szumlanski

    Thanks for at good review again Lupe. Really like the info about the bottle :-) Love Roaster.

  7. Very good one Lupe. Well done. 

  8. Excellent review Lupe!

  9. Awesome designer frag. Not so awesome microphone. Sounds awful on my iPhone 6, iPad Air, Samsung plasma and the computer at my job :-)

  10. Good video man!,is it a better smelling fragrance than eau tres fraiche or guerlain homme?

  11. Hey hey my duuuuuude!!
    I need to get my snozle on this juice again, its been few years, it didnt blow me away by any means if i recall, but it deserves another testing for sure,
    Cheers Lupe!! Stellar review son!!

  12. Lovely review Lupe! I love the pictures you've added in when you're describing the notes, really adds a lot of depth to your videos. Good job!

  13. I need to re visit this one, first time I tried it I thought it smelt like a pet shop for some reason lol, great review.

  14. I own this one and like it.  I notice it smells different on me everytime I wear it- sometimes I get the strong mint, sometimes I get the strong vetiver, sometimes I get the strong patchouli – I guess it depends on the weather and my skin pH that day.

  15. Oga Lupe, abeg your microphone dey echo o. Try fix am abeg….Lol. Nice video as usual mate. Oshey!!

  16. 52SlimProductions

    Nice review, it's one of my favorites and only mint based I own. Great longevity. I also got the odd sound quality

  17. Top Line Fragrances

    nice review Lupe, roadster will always be in my collection, love mint frags! :)

  18. Love the videos but please buy a better microphone!!!

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