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Cartier Declaration D’Un Soir “STREET SCENTS” The Series Fragrance/Cologne/Perfume

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  1. This smells away awful on my skin. Too much rose i think. I've tried nearly all from the declaration range and still think that the "l'eau" it's the most wearable and pleasant. Kinda reminds me of Terre d'hermes EDP with that bitter orange and grapefruit vibe but fresher.

  2. nice lady.

  3. Do a review on this one Al!

  4. I learned that it smells really good but I still don't have any better idea what it's like :)

  5. Jamica maaan. One by one try to get people from every nation on SS.

  6. I didn't like this for the first month. …then, I fell in love with it.

  7. silverss onyoutube

    setup a small website AL , i would like to buy t shirts aswell

  8. this is wonderfull juice people,,well worthy of being the sort of scent you would wear for your own wedding, or really special occasions…nice one al for bringing some light to this gem..

  9. Sounds like this is a good one. Thanks Al.
    I'm not a fan of Declaration because of the strong cardamom note.

  10. Great video, Thanks !

  11. Great SS as always bro

  12. By the way, AL here is the owner of the swap thread here, look on his channel here.

  13. Go online or go on the swap thread, you can always buy decants of stuff from reputable guys like TheDcanter, Ninjap323, or freddie photo for almost all of the frags you want.

  14. Al really want one of the street scents shirts. I'm in Turlock CA and it's hard for me to smell all the stuff I want to. Can u believe I have never smelled any creed fragrances I wish there were more fragrance stores close to me, but let me know about the shirts for $ yeeeeee 209

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