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Cartier Declaration d’Un Soir fragrance/cologne review

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  1. Great review, Chad. Bought this today…hoping I'll like it! 

  2. One of my absolute favorites!

  3. Top Line Fragrances

    I agree with the over rose in this one, I had it and sold it on, im not a rose fan boy. Good review as always though.

  4. This sounds nice, Chad.  Looks like it performs well, extra points for that.

  5. Did you catch that amazing Hamilton vs. Montreal CFL game this weekend? Was amazing. Thanks for the culture and review, this is brilliant. I've always wanted to try this one

  6. Thanks for the review brother! I've been looking to hear about this fragrance.

  7. Nice review–and I enjoyed the on-site location, but I'll pass on this rose fragrance. 

  8. Great video, Thanks !

  9. Damn Brampton looks nice! Its been a long time since I moved from there. Do we still have Bramlea city centre (mall) or everybody goes to to Square One in Ssauga.

  10. First!

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