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Carolina Herrera Chic For Men Review

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  1. is it supposed to be as light as Versace Pour Homme, or YSL l'homme?
    my bottle look just like yours. I've seen bigger bottles with dark sides. Yours and mine look identical. I didn't expect this fragrance to be so lacking in sillage and projection. Is yours that way , too?

  2. it is a shame that this perfume is under the radar.it is even better than ch men.it project and lasts for along time

  3. i bought this perfume after watching ur video and am glad i did.i love it.thinking of making it my signature scent

  4. My scent of the day today! This one beats out CH Men.  I have both and this one gets me notice.  Its fresh and gave all my heavy fall/winter scents a break this week.  When I was looking for something to wear this morning had to pull this one from the back.  Glad I did.  It is a complement getter.

  5. Where do you buy your fragrances from?

  6. Hey greg nice review. What are your thoughts on CH for men?

  7. What is the best Carolina Herrera Chic For such men, men or CH 212 men? Thank you!

  8. Marcos Vinícius Alves

    Bought it based on your review,very good juice.
    What's your take on Midnight in Paris? tried it hated it but it seems to get a lot of praise on here.

  9. hi greg,,ive discovered an awesome combo for this frag that gives you that MI vibe. for every spay of this you apply, next to it add a spay of thierry mugler cologne,,try to keep them slightly apart. the TM cologne adds that salty feel and when the heart of both frags kick in, its awesome..
    give it a try, think you'll like it..

  10. Marcos Vinícius Alves

    Is it worth to blindly buy this one?
    I bought several colognes based on your review,was not disappointed!
    Thank you!

  11. I just got it,and I like it.a smoother softer dior home sport to me.

  12. I agree MI melon is not watermelon but what I get in mi is the yellow melon I don't know what it's called but not watermelon for sure

  13. Its a nice one, had it once. Haven't found one in any store since then.. which is a shame. The wife liked it a lot!

  14. take my subscription off stop sending this s***

  15. I have on subscribe to you so many times

  16. I can only speak from UK (don't know where you are) and that would be allbeauty . com (formerly cheapsmells

  17. Thanks for the response :) Do you have any legit sites that sell them? Thanks

  18. I doubt you'll find it in store anywhere mate :-(

  19. Where can I find this? I am scare of buying it online, to risk getting an old bottle with the scent all damage, and I can't find it anywhere!

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