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Carolina Herrera CH Men

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  1. this stuff works…my girl was all over my chest and neck. thanks jeremy

  2. OK, I've made up my mind . La Nuit is now my Number 2 .
    CH Men is just out of this world !

  3. Jeremy in the link you encourage your viewer to buy from Amazon, but when I read the comments, many said the cologne are fake. Can you please tell me if Amzon are reliable to purchase a perfume? Thank you!

  4. Just got this in the mail. I must say, this is a great cologne! Seems to be very versatile and will definitely use it in the office. Thanks Jeremy.

  5. Im 15,should i buy ch men or is this for older men,which parfume should i consider buying if not ch men?

  6. Has it gone through a reformulation? I just bought it and the ch is on the bottom of the bottle not on a little ribbon

  7. Great review & recommendation Jeremy! I bought this and I'm now wearing it sometimes to the office & casual evenings out. It's a strong compliment getter and the other night on a date the girl said "wow you smell great, and it smells really expensive too", I've never got that before. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  8. Is Ch men now reformulated? I have read this in some reviews at Fragrantica.com.

  9. How do you compare this vs YSL La nuit de l'homme? Which do you recommend and like the best?

  10. are you dutch?

  11. Would u mind answering a question on this fragrance please could you tell me if it's had a reformulation release and if so does it smell any different and how I would be able to tell the difference between the 2 bottles? Thanks.

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