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Carolina Herrera “212” (For Men) Fragrance Review

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  1. Hollywood Scentstory

    I sampled this today after recently running out of my old bottle….and I can confirm that this formerly gorgeous & long lasting fragrance has been neutered. The difference is shocking and I was pissed off to say the least. Needless to say, I did NOT buy another….I'm still mad can u tell lol? Ugh, frustrating. …

  2. 212 is the new york city area code

  3. you have just saved me from buying it!!

  4. I learn something new every day…..I always thought Herrera's 212 fragrances were named that because that is the boiling point of water in farenheit…you know like because they're "hot", sexy fragrances that get people all steamed up. Lol. Very interesting to now know I was waaayyyy off the mark. Being from Texas, I had no idea that was an area code for NYC. Nice to know. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to learn a new little piece of trivia from a fellow subscriber. 

  5. Thanks for pointing out the distinction in the two. The 212 is already the NYC area code.. I wonder why they felt the need to add NYC to the title. Kind of redundant lol.

  6. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Hello there! I'm ever so sorry but I do not own Ange Ou Demon. But like I always say, if I get my hands on a sample I will be sure to review it. :)

  7. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Oh is that what the 212 is? I guess that's kinda cool in a way, thanks for clearing that up! :) What did you need to ask about BPAL? :)

  8. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Yeah it's such a shame, but ah well. What can we do! Im just going to hunt down a big bottle of the original formula on Ebay.

  9. I have never smelled the old form but I do love the new version. Disappointed to hear that a lot of great fragz get reformulated. It always seems like the originals are better. Great review.

  10. when you review the '1880 cerutti' I don't know why but I thought of 212…tnx!

  11. Hello again, Mr. Ouch. Just finished watching your BPAL video and onto this one. What a double treat you can make even bird poo sound not only appealing but edible! Hahahah. The '212' thing is the telephone code for NYC. Quite a silly thing but hey ho. Imagine a British brand doing the same with London: Burberry 0207. Hahaha. Estupido. (Will write to you again to ax something about BPAL). Cheerio, Timbo.

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