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Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. Robert Armstrong

    Apply a single very light spray of Obsession to the chest area about 2-3 hrs before a casual date….the dry down is totally where its at. It loses its datedness and becomes very inviting indeed. The dry down is still a lady slayer. The key is a single very light spray to an upperbody pulse point and a couple of hours. lol

  2. This stuff stinks so bad that I had to stop going to the dollar movies because there was always a red neck swimming is this stink.  This is a trailer trash cologne!  This stuff is sweeter than most woman's fragrances.  

  3. i think this is an amazing after shave I have been trying to get the deodorant but they don't sell it here in Ireland and Amazon wont send it here I think in case it blows up. so if anyone knows where I can get it do let me know. But I love love love this smell to be sure.

  4. i m 25 n i love it coz my girls love it…            :)

  5. Interesting that this fragrance is still around after all these years yet the reviewer calls it obnoxious, over confident etc ?  Then I think he goes on to say he got compliments on it when wearing it? Obsession smells great , why does how old it is matter?  Lagerfeld is another classic that has been around about 40 years and is still awesome. These are definitely masculine, heavy and seductive/sexy.  In my opinion these are classic, mature fragrances for a sophisticated preference.

  6. Who cares if it is worn in the summer (or any season for that matter)? If it smells good, who cares? Sorry it doesn't agree with your sensibilities.

    And there's no such thing as a winter/fall scent, or a summer scent, or a spring scent. The last time I checked you can wear a fragrance anytime of the year.

  7. It seems to me that you are implying that being "dated" is bad or negative. I guess you would say that The Beatles are dated, or Led Zeppelin is dated or Jimi Hendrix is dated, etc, etc, etc, but most music critics and aficionados would not regard the above as "dated", but as among the best in their profession.

  8. this is my favourite scent

  9. Definately said to wear it in the summer. 0:35

    I kind of agree with mrbrandon, minus the caps lock and sensless vulgarity. It is a great scent, smells great, great longevity and projection, and to say it gets compliments is an understatement. Dated, maybe, timeless, Maybe maybe not, but if it works…

  10. haha my mum has a mini bottle of obsession that she puchased when it first came out. it still smells sooo good and seductive after all these years and never fails to put a big smile on my face. 😉

  11. crimsonflare506

    I hate this scent, not for me.

  12. @cformosa4 can you do a review on "Obsession Night" by calvin klein, i really love it and i want to hear your review

  13. badcatmcconell1324

    @cformosa4 0:36 you said i reccomend wearing it in the summer. Just saying

  14. it lasts 12 hours for me

  15. way way too musky. I mean people usually refer to musky or spicy fragrances as outdated or old due to the fact that in the 60-80 those scents were really popular. Now, are they good scents? Most people I personally think would agree not lol

  16. @baredd79 hahah sorry i know you posted this 2 years ago but i laughed cuz thats exactly what i was thinking

  17. Joachim Christensen

    Can you make a review for Calvin Kleins perfume Crave ?? I saw one review today and that was shit, same to the guy who reviewed the perfume.
    It is sweet and smells a little like candy and I know that you can make a good review for that perfume 😀

  18. @cformosa4 i agree with you. it is really old, gosh 1986. polo sport is that way to, along with eternity, they are old but smell real good. well, eternity is o.k. i just purchased some versace pour homme online, heard it smelled great but doesnt last long. im not worried about longevity, i buy small bottles and carry them with me and refresh as needed. unless ur at work though why would you need cologne to last 9 hours? but yeah i agree obsession is just like an old dog to me, hard to let go.

  19. @jasartrip9598 yea, i wear tons of old colognes my self – this one to me is just a bit dated.. by that i mean it brings me way back to when the genre was being heavily produced. Its not a bad scent at all. its good shit — just not my thing. The best fragrances are timeless :)

  20. i wear old colognes, new colognes, or whatever, i just wear cologne and dont think of the fashion sense about it. of all the colognes i have wore in my 33 years of life, obsession seems to be a favorite, i get that you smell really good compliment often. sure cologne enthusiasts know what it is, but really, how many women out there are cologne enthusiasts? thats why i dont put a timeframe on a cologne. it is still brand new to a majority of ladies, as is a lot of older cologne.

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