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Calvin Klein Man by Calvin Klein Fragrance Cologne Review (2007)

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  1. Wow. You've really come along way with you revies, lol. Saw this fragrance for the first time today and thought I'd check in for a review. Thanks for the into!

  2. I do not enjoy CK MAN as much as other CK fragrances. My favorite colognes from CK have got to be CK Truth and CK Euphoria/Euphoria Instense. I have Man and Encounter but I prefer Truth and Euphoria over those two.

  3. This guy is brilliant. Just bought CK MAN and absolutely it does not project that much. Lasts 6 hrs and you need to spray it bit more.

  4. Great review! wanna buy it =]

  5. the best smell on a man is the natural musk under his foreskin!

  6. which season can I use it ?

  7. good review but.. wtf? at min " when I was a young girl???" 😀

  8. Hey Marc. Which one is better..CK Man or CK Euphoria for men?

  9. I dislike this fragrance smells to harsh; and is really strong.

  10. I just got this fragrance, it reminds me of fahrenheit but much more floral 😉

  11. Mine hardly lasts for an hour or so :(

  12. The colonge gives me a headace why someone would like this is beyond me

  13. hi marc on my box it says made in fabrique´ en france what it says on yours?

  14. this is just great smells very very good

  15. So i got this today and i'm loving it…..It's pretty mature and gives off a good vibe….i subscribed to your channel like 2 days ago and loving it so far…Keep them coming Marc!

  16. Probably one of my favourite blends of incense, woods and spices

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