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Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria Fragrance Review

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  1. This video was amazing. I am looking into this perfume, as a single woman, I am always looking for more of the man's opinion on my scent, and it's so refreshing to know what the men think. So thank you :)

  2. I vote for atelier Vanille incensee!

  3. Woke up and saw u dropped a vid so I had to watch.great job u two on bringing foward a fragrance I have never heard of to now.sobs I'm just so happy to see my bro & sis growing up in the fragrance community….it just makes me feel all warm & fuzzy lol by the way my vote is to continue the Bykillian reviews though altiler sounded really interesting…thanks for the take 

  4. I will keep my eyes out for this one.  Hugs to Neila!

  5. Great video, Thanks !

  6. Great description! Raspberries sound really nice! A good everyday scent is always a winner in my book.

  7. Sound great guys, will check it out for my 23 year old daughter. Cheers

  8. Great video Chad, really enjoyed this one(:

  9. Another sweet vid ( wish I had smellevision ). I vote for the Atelier. I'm pretty sure it's niche, and I bet it smells great. You guys rock. Take care.

  10. So many videos to catch up on…. working my way back! The original Euphoria is good but just not me, I'll have to try this one! Cheers guys!

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