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Calvin Klein “Euphoria” Fragrance Review

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  1. Easily the stand-out CK fragrance. So many modern fragrances attempt to be Euphoria but never equal it. It is modern classic – a mysterious warm woody floral that contains notes that have never been used before. It reminds me of Coco M'melle in its concept. The flankers are not worth bothering with. I am not a fan of the bottle either, it doesn't do the juice justice which deserves something much more glamorous and complex. Happily, its becoming less popular because a lot of women have moved onto more recent frags. Nice review – you're so good at describing fragrances – unlike many so-called reviewers who do no more than say 'its sweet' or 'strong' or 'fresh'.

  2. I just love the original "version" of this scent.  So beautiful and strong!  It envelopes me.

  3. I agree, also my personal favourite CK fragrance.

  4. It would be good subtitules the video would be great! CK are undoubtedly the best.

  5. I find this really woody and heavy however really enjoy smelling it, definetly for evening wear, lasts a long time and projects well, easy with the trigger on this one! 😛 

  6.  Which fragances of Calvin Klein are the best in your opinion?
    Thomas i have heard Ch for men is nice? what do you think is itfgood? Thanks for your advises HUGS FROM ARGENTINA!! I LOVE YOUR ENGLISH ACCENT

  7. Thats a female perfume

  8. I'm with you I Love Contradiction. I've always liked this as well but never bought it… maybe I should 😀

  9. Sure thing!Thanks for subbing :) & I've subbed to your channel ages ago~

  10. i can't wait you to do this scent! tell me if you did….lol
    i thought who lives in a rainny land does not appriciate this mell :)

  11. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Thanks! :) Have subbed and will watch later when I'm back from work.

  12. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    I do not. THIS smell is the one I'm hoping to find in my lifetime. It is my favourite smell in the world!! If I ever become a perfumer, I will endeavour to re-create this smell!! :)

  13. i love this perfume ! to me it's a very clean sweet scent. do you know any woody sweet perfume that smells like after rain scent? if you know what i mean…thank u so much!

  14. Great review mate!Do check out my channel,just reviewed a fragrance for women but I find it very unisex.Do sub to the channel as well!:)

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