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Bvlgari “Pour Femme” EDP Fragrance Review

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  1. Just thought you might want to know that you've misspelt Bvlgari in the video title. I only mention it because it'll help your video come up if someone searches for it on youtube :)

  2. I just found you today.  I have binged watched all day.   I love your videos they are very informative.  Thanks again

  3. this is my absolute favorite scent, its my signature smell. Ive been wearing Bulgari since 1999, u did an amazing job on the description u were spot on. thank you so much for the info in the video i only knew of the violet note in it. Ive tried searching for other parfums with violet notes but NOTHING compares to this. i first heard of this parfum in a lil kim song "no matter what people say" my boyfriend and i were shopping and he wanted to pick up Jadore for me, never even smelling "Pour Femme" i chose it instead lol, music has such an influence and i love lil kim (i even wore the colorful wigs!!!) Ive been wearing Bulgari ever since and i still get complimented on my smell. even when im doing laundry i take a whiff of my clothes and just say ahhhhh i smell so damn good!! but i would like to try different scents with violet as the major player i want something new, any suggestions i would love some help thanks again!! and it does smell like money!!!

  4. checking your old videos again^_^ no wonder you gimme a "like"on my instagram pic,guess you like dreamcatcher too;-)

  5. It's lovely. Green tea seems to be in a lot of Bvlgari fragrances. :)

  6. Absolutely looooooove this perfume. I bought it a few years back because my boss would wear it to work everyday anf the smell was just amazing. I loooooove it. 

  7. My favorite perfume for many years and no other perfume can take over it. Very feminine and elegance! Simple yet extraordinary perfume. I really love the powdery smell in this perfume. great sillage and longevity <3

  8. Hi Ouch110, that was a wonderful review and you really captured what makes Bvlgari pour Femme (one of my all time favorite perfumes and my signature for many years) so beautiful and exquisite- yes that is the perfect word.  I love all your reviews but this is one of your best.  I had to go spray on Bvlgari Femme as soon as the review as over and luxuriate in the glorious scent myself!!  Thank you for sharing with all of us. 

  9. Great review. 

  10. Sound lovely I must try this! By the way I read that if you say the word 'pineapple' in your head as you feel a sneeze coming it stops the sneeze!! Sounds ridiculous but it works!! So frustrating ha ha x

  11. Bless you (for the sneeze). Neat review!

  12. The best description I can think of to give this gem is Delicious. Absolutely Delicious. I need another bottle! 

  13. I love this perfume! To me it's powdery and makeup smell…thank you so much for the review! :)

  14. AGentlemansJourney

    I love Bvlgari fragrances especially on women. My very favorite frag is Bvlgari Jasmine Noir. Love that fragrance, very elegant and classy.

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