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Bvlgari Omnia Coral fragrance/cologne review with Neila

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  1. You two make a wonderful team my friends! Please keep It up. Great review of Neila. Thanks for the video. Looking forward to watch the winner fragrance for next month, I hope is Guess. 

  2. Hey Neila!! Woohoo I've been looking forward to this. Spring is just around the corner for us so I'll check this one out! Check out that sprayer. Guess please :) THANKS!!!

  3. What a team! You both bring out the best in  and make for a great review team. I always look forward to the Chad and Neila show! I like how this one sounds and I am thinking of it for my Niece. Thanks! I guess I will vote for Guess Seductive! 

  4. Up Close Scent Personal

    It's always a treat seeing you two again reviewing together :-D. Keep those videos coming!

  5. Great review guys !

  6. you two are becoming youtube fragcom's couple celebre!  love you, guys! 

  7. Great video, Thanks !

  8. From the Omnia line, I've only tried the brown one…I tried it next to a very well done Olfactive Studio perfume that day, which was not good cos it blew the Omnia one out of the water.  Omnia was although quite strong,  it was also very artificial next to the Olfactive Studio. 

  9. Great review, guys!  And it's always nice to see you, Neila.  Yes, it sounds like this would be more suited for a young lady.  It's not an "old lady" aka "sophisticated" scent LOL.  I vote for the Guess one. 

  10. Cool review. My wife has the regular Omnia and really likes it. I see Neila has you on a tight leash. Lol. So, who has the pool table? My vote for next fragrance is the Guess one.

  11. Oh my….Neila is getting good at these reviews. She may need her own channel. Great job guys….very enjoyable review. 

  12. Ugh not another kiss…smh. also FCUK and thanks for another awesome review you too

  13. Love you guys!!! Chad is still punching way above his weight, but It's very kind of you to put up with him Neila ;-)

  14. Always like it when the better half participates in a review , great vid u guys 

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