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Bvlgari Man in Black fragrance/cologne review

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  1. did u get a bottle?i had a hard time choosing among chanel allure homme, angel men, platinum egoiste and this, and i got this one finally for now. its very sophisticated scent and definitely has the mature vibe…. love this :)

  2. Mortada 3asfoor

    Is that Annick menardo's?

  3. LOL  Very nice :)

  4. Great great review!!!👍this fragrance to me is just ok not bad
    Rating 7.5/10

  5. BTW your views will be pretty high on this one … it's got a big following!!

  6. I remember when you got the sample! But did you need a gotee for this review????

  7. Whitespiritbearreviewsomenicheplease:p

  8. Good one, Chad!  When I wore it to review it, I found it to be close to the skin.

  9. Gotta try this…awesome to hear your thoughts bro….great take

  10. Great review Chad. Need to check this one out now. Thx for the info. 

  11. You're so badass with that stash 

  12. Great scent and i would buy it, but unfortunately i have spicebomb and lomani intense black already in my collection. So it would be kinda redundant to have it.  But definitely it is a must buy.

  13. jeffrey18930576

    Great video, Thanks !

  14. This one is not bad but its so not loud at least on my skin , but i like it

  15. 860 cologne guy is the king of all reviewers. He deserves a statue outside of la scala. 

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