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Bvlgari Fragrance Review

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  1. You are pronouncing Esquise wrong, for the most part you got it right, just leave off the e at the end almost like squeeze. The notes for it are Top- pink pomelo, & fresh green almond. Heart- tender jasmine & sambac jasmine white tea. Base- white musk

  2. I love omnia crystalline…

  3. Thanks for your video. Does one of the jasmine or rose perfumes have a slightly shampoo/soapy note (in a good way)? I've been looking for a clean smelling, understated kind of perfume.

  4. Bvlgari omnia crystalline is def my signature scent. Thanks for the review!

  5. Michelle aka constantconnie

    This is such a wonderful video . (I faved 😉 I Absolutely LOVE the Bvlgari house! I had the white tea and I finished it up :( also just purchased a set with all the omnias. Except for christalline which I have from a Sephora fragrance favorites sample box. I wasn't aware that that one came in edp. Which would probably be better for me because this one doesn't last longer than half an hour on me lol I just recently purchased Roses de Chloe and now I think I'm loving Rose scents so I want to check out the rose essential !! Also now I realize why I like the omnia amethyst ! So thank you for this very informative video . Sub'ed! 

  6. I love Jo Malone and Thierry Mugler!

  7. My favourite is Jo Malone and also Thierry mugler.

  8. My favorite fragrance house is Hermes.

  9. I like Bvlgari. I have the Red and White Tea scents. My fav. house is Dior. Great vid.

  10. I've had my sights on Jasmin Noir for a while–thank you for this review!

  11. I've had my sights on Jasmin Noir for a while–thank you for this review!

  12. I love Jo Malone fragrances :)

  13. I can tell that you have a thang with your fragrances, wish I had alot of fragrances as you.
    My obsession is with my Ralph Lauren. Well if you wanna know which, it is ROMANCE ones. I felt in love ever since I first bought it <3

  14. Love Marc Jacobs. Please enter me, thanks!

  15. Jo Malone has great smells. Enter me please

  16. I love the Marc Jacobs Daisy and Jo Malone scents

  17. Thanks for doing a review on Au the Rouge :). I own Bvlgari Au the Blanc and it smells glorious! 
    I don't have a fav perfume line but if I had to choose, I would say Dior. I love Pure Poison. It smells like very luxurious laundry detergent. 

  18. The rose essential and coral perfumes sound beautiful! I can't wait to go and smell them soon! My fav perfume line is the Coach poppy line. I love the original, as well as the pink and green one. :) 

  19. Wana win this so bad

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