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Bvlgari BLV Blu (For Men) Fragrance Review

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  1. Hi! I need your advice… I'm going to buy a perfume for my dad since his trusted one has dried out. He is 60 and used to wear Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage. I don't want anything sexy (since its my dad, obviously) and he works all day in the office… Any thoughts? i am clueless… I've thought about buying him Burberry Brit for men but my mom says it smells too feminine…. :-S

  2. I just posted my first fragrance review.  Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren.  Take care and please give me your honest feedback.  

  3. Hey.  First of all thanks for all your fragrance reviews. I enjoy all your videos I am learning a lot thanks to the you tube fragrance community.  I do not know what country your out of but yesterday I purchased BLV Blu at a local discounter in the United States called "Ross."  I purchased a 1.7 ounce bottle for $29.99 U.S.  I received my first compliment from the cashier who rang me up, as I sprayed it on my arm while I was in line.  My fastest compliment ever.  I just uploaded my first you tube video.  I plan on doing my own fragrance reviews also.  Take care.  

  4. The bottle is beautiful.  I was about to buy this at Macy's just because of the way the bottle looked.  I am to hear your review.  I am still going to purchase this fragrance but I needed a reviewer's insight.  Thank you.  I enjoy your videos.  Good description when you mentioned non offensive/ but different enough to be noticeable. Take care ouch110.

  5. I bet the Bird would make a nice meal…tell the bird to shut the F up or his ass is fried !
    Goofy ass Bird …lol

  6. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    I think he does! He only starts tweeting when I press record. Or if you answer the phone..naughty birdie! Thank you for your comment fellow fragrantican!! :) I'll be doing more reviews soon yay!

  7. I think Bo might want to make a cameo. :)
    It's so great to see you! (contrary to my YT name, I'm Carolyn, & oh! de parfum on Fragrantica)
    I'm looking forward to watching your other videos; you so such a nice job!

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