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Bvlgari Black by Bvlgari | Fragrance Review

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  1. Leather scent is very prominent. Not a bad thing. But for me only for a night out to the formal events.. Ps. Nice review 

  2. just bought this …still undecided with opening notes…this will have to dry down before I leave the house

  3. What about Bvlgari Rose Essential – many people say it is very nice and popular, I am thinking of getting it for my mum…

  4. Great review, I am a huge Bvulgari fan. Any experience with Bvulgari Man In Black which was released this year. Very few stored carry this for me to sample. Thanks

  5. Your videos are really descriptive and unbiased. Love them. You've inspired me to get into the cologne game. Thanks for that! Also, have you ever tried Bvlgari Man? And if so, thoughts? 

  6. It's POISON…other than the sorta natural ingredients mentioned research the other ingredients
    Stop putting it on your SKIN…
    Are you Crazy?
    It's not good….Trust me

  7. I own the oldest version of this perfume since 2001 and I bought a new bottle , what I observed is that the older version I own lasts loonger and the smell is more mature and stable. but the new one is doing ok . and i am attempting to buy some more and try to age them a bit more 

  8. i put my nose on this and I think It stinks

  9. I didn't like the burnt rubber smell on my skin.
    I thought maybe because I was black. I gave it
    to my nephew and he loves it! Best fragrance he
    ever had. Go figure.

  10. Mmmmm…Burned Rubber….who doesn't want to smell like that? 😛 I guess I can get a sample and try it out. Hey, I tried Fahrenheit and it smelled like gasoline to me in the beginning, but after it dried down it smelled really nice. At the end of the day I kind of started to miss that gasoline smell. Now that I think about it…Mmmmmm…Gasoline.

  11. Annick Menardo's best creation is "Body Kouros" (YSL)… by far!
    And "Bvlgari Black" is the worst Bvlgari fragrance… by far! I just couldn't finish the bootle, so bad is the fragrance…
    Best leather juice: Fahrenheit, undoubtedly!
    Hugs from Brazil!

  12. This is good juice. Gets the job done. 

  13. Excellent review, Cody. I'm not entirely surprised by the neutral reactions. I also agree that there isn't a noticeable rose note. Thanks for the review. 

  14. Man i hate this juice with passion. Nice review though


  16. Hey Doc, have you try Dunhill Desire (red bottle) is nice. Like to know what's your view?

  17. Hey Doc, been watching for the last week or so. I love it and all but I feel for like a rating system like out of 10. Would like that, even tho u got the top 10 but is more define . So I can tell not only it smell good but the marks of it. Thanks for ur video

  18. I'm glad you did this review. Commented a while back on your thoughts. This is my favorite designer bottle. Ever.

  19. Hey I'm glad to see you "backtracking" and going back to some of the old classics, great video!!!

  20. AGentlemansJourney

    The opening is a bit offensive for me but the dry down is very nice. It is definitely unique.

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