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Bvlgari Black by Bvlgari Cologne/Fragrance Review (1998)

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  1. I was late on this one and u described it perfectly. Doesn't last that long.

  2. This fragrance doesn't last for shit, but I love that it has a light smell to it; so I don't go around thinking I sprayed too much on.

  3. hi mark
    i just dont get the rubber.sweet opening.And i like it.

  4. As a car lover, this is the only fragrance I plan on buying 3 of just in case they stop making them.

  5. Why in the world would anyone want to smell like rubber this is awfull

  6. this is the sex. Get it, now.

  7. Mase??

  8. This one was a blind buy based on your review and I simply was blown away! Presentation definitely compliments the amazing juice inside! Top 5 in my collection now. Great review as always.

  9. Soooo update. Just got this frag today and wow. What an interesting fragrance. For all those people saying it smells like tires and I hate it. I only got that smell for the first 30-60 minutes so I'm assuming you didn't give the dry down a chance? If not, that's a shame because it morphs into the most interesting vanilla scent I've smelt and it's sooo good. Just like you never judge a book but it's cover, don't judge a scent by it's opening!

  10. I really wanna buy this as a blind buy cause it's rare I see Marc so excited about a fragrance but man some reviews say that the burnt tire smell doesn't go away and that really makes me nervous…. I'm all about the original fragrances but I'm afraid I'll smell like a garage…….. what to do lol

  11. can u wear this to the clubs or when its warm and sunny outside ?

  12. u put words on what I feel when i smell it

  13. Girl in House of Fraser told me today that this frag has been discontinued in UK :(

  14. Sorry – wrong post :)

  15. Hugo boss baldesarini review

  16. This does smell like rubber, I think people would assume burnt rubber because of the smoky notes or black tea notes. But after the first hour it dies down a bit and becomes not only more bearable, but extremely smooth and inviting.

    You said it best, this is definitely in the same vein as Pure Malt.

  17. Thanks for the great review!

  18. Tried this yesterday and it really does smell like a rubber tire.

  19. Dont it reminds the JPG Le Male?

  20. Tea. Notes. Are. Awesome. In. Fragrances.

    Bvlgari is quickly becoming my all around favorite designer fragrance house. Marc will you ever review Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir?

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