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Burlesque artist Dita Von Teese’s Fragrance

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  1. She's beautiful

  2. I don't think the amount of men interested in you, or the size bra you wear, makes you a woman. Or what you wear – little girls sneak into their mum's wardrobe and smear lipstick all over their faces and stumble around in high heels.

  3. Metal Never Sleeps

    Guys idc about men or women stfu I'm just a 13 year old girl trying to watch a video about someone who is *Amazing*

  4. There are plenty of modern strippers that pole dance, and that's fine, and they make good money, but for Dita to be at the level of fame that she is, she has to impress people beyond just twirling around a pole. There is sophistication,+ skill that goes into her shows. She dreams up all these over the top beautiful sets for her stage, and she carefully strips in a way that is sexy, while remaining classy, so it appeals to both genders. Lots women and gay men who aren't aroused by her, enjoy her

  5. i geus so.

  6. Jealous, obviously

  7. Анна Малкович

    not defensive of women, we screw up in relationship a lot too and currently it is hard for me to see it, cause I am in one of those periods where I look at feminist articles and think – they are bloody right , I used to think that they were all about hating men cause I never looked deeper into the topic and once I did I started to understand that I can see feminsm in myself and not sure if it just me going through motions or not, I think these thing are here to stay but I still want to be sure

  8. Анна Малкович

    as female I don't depend on vagina and tits, but I cannot deny that many do, but men often depend on their looks or money to get through life, I have seen my share of dumb guys who think that the world is theirs for taking just cause they are rich and understanding that some things are not for sale is hard for them, I had to change sevetal jobs cause of people like, cause I want to get trhough life with my brain and I hate depending on a man, I am not weak and I cannot trust men

  9. Анна Малкович

    I have to agree that many women exploit that weakness, but many men exploit the weekness of some women who want romance and pretend to like them while they only liked them as far as sex goes. also there is a lot of attention seeking guys out there. are they whores too? and you know not one woman needs from a man just money, fame or some other benefit, some do need love and care, but often men have nothing better to suggest except for money

  10. Men do love beautiful women, and we are sex crazed, and there's a plethora of women exploiting our desires for their personal gain (money, fame, job positions, etc) even the one's not using sex directly, I consider whorish.

    I don't see what all the defensiveness is about, If I were in that position to coast thru life on the fact that I have tits & a vagina, I'd be proud.

  11. Attention whoring is whoring all the same. If you are sexually arousing someone in exchange for money = whore.

    It's funny because a man could just admit to it and even embrace it, but women are so ridiculously sensitive / politically correct they will argue/fight over their right to not feel ashamed endlessly. Man up and stop being such an emotionally weak gender.

  12. Yes, she's worshiped by other female attention whores. The same reason crappy reality shows & horrid pop music reign supreme in our wasted culture: Women viewership.

    Thank you for helping to confirm my argument, angry defensive woman.

  13. @FuckingStanz are you from the midle east?

  14. @FlypaperGirlSangue I think the man calling dita a whore must be of the middle eastern cultures and religious beliefs. He seems to think a whore is any women who turns him on that isnt married to him.

  15. Анна Малкович

    it is called exibitionism, not prostitutiona nd even if she was selling her body – her body and her choice

  16. Анна Малкович

    I do not think you like ugly looking women, no man does, so in a way you men have to share part of the blame for how some females are going crazy to look good

  17. Анна Малкович

    I am reall sorry that you had to go through bad kind of women, but well we are not all bad, as well as not all men are jerks which I sometimes think they are but I know there are good ones too, beauty can be not for a stupid reason but as a way to have fun and making your inner personality shine on the outside that is why there are so many styles, also people do tend to overuse beauty products but in moderation they are great cause nobody likes acne skin or almost no lashes and brows

  18. Анна Малкович

    people love judging, I would understand if they called her perv or exivitionist or even fake, cause it is partialy true cause the look is very man-made which she never said was not true and she is into the whole fetish things and she does like undressing infront of a large number of people but calling her a whore is indead not based on anything

  19. poor tiger

  20. @David Hill I think stanz is just mad because he is one of those people from granys generation wear you blindly and rudely shove your veiws and opinions down everybodies throats because your too istupid to learn a different way or not be appalled when girls willingly take ther clothes off for a living

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