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Burberry Sport for Men by Burberry | Fragrance Review

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  1. dracdoc email me. About the BurBurry Sport. I have something nice about that fragrances to tell you about. tyrone.a.jennings@gmail.com I am at work right now. But I will reply back. 

  2. Picked up a 100 ml on clearance at a Canadian retail shop for $20 and it is okay nothing special. I like that opening reminds me of a bit of Davidoff Hot Water. The projection I got was about 3 hours and had one person say it was nice.

    I don't recommend spending a lot on this maybe $10-$25 at most 

  3. It seems like it sprays too much even with just one squirt. I have a 50ml bottle with silver instead of the clear red Burrberry Sport

  4. Product Manager

  5. What is your job?

  6. Ill check em out

  7. Are you a real doctor?

  8. weak but nice, watermelon, I bought the 75ml for a lot of money and will spray on a lot before exercise. It has some kind of luxery in it too. Smells clean and fresh. Good for fresh feeling in the morning or fitness club.

  9. I think my gf would like it. She likes weak scents and hates strong ones.

  10. i tend not to go for frags woth a short life,,but the playboy edt's , theyre worth a look,,they only last about 4 to 5 hours, but they smell great as soon as you put them on,,really handy if you going out and iyou dont want to stink a pub club or bar out with a frag that needs to dry down for a few hours

  11. I found the same longevity issue with Lacoste L-12-12 Blanc where after 90 minutes, it was practically invisible. The smell is dynamite, but it wasn't worth spraying (on me).

  12. I am really looking to get some Burberry in my collection. I heard longevity on this is not good at all. Awesome review Cody.

  13. I like the vid … don't get me wrong but I wonder how many of your subs would consider this as a purchase?

  14. Counted 15 successful finger snaps. Nice.

  15. I own Burberry Sport. It lasts 3-4 hours on me. BS is one of the few fragrances that I do wear during workout at the gym because it's not too loud or offensive.

    I only get two phrases from BS: the invigorating ginger/citrus opening and the rather bland drydown found in many sport scents.

  16. Worst than the Frapin line

  17. This thing only lasted like 2 and a half hours for me.

  18. Had this years ago twice and got rid of both of them. Wayy to weak of a Ginger based fragrance.

  19. I miss your old way of signing off. "Thank you, take care of yourselves, and have a great day." :)

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